Winter Golf

Winter Golf Clothing

Winter golf doesn't need to be a burden. If you dress well and invest in the right winter golf clothing, footwear & accessories - then you really can play golf all year round without becoming known as another "fair weather golfer".


If you're new to playing golf in wintry conditions, then allow our style editors to guide you through the best winter golf clothes to buy this season.


Our designer golf brands are spending much more time & effort on their winter golf apparel collections - so we're here to help you navigate through the wide variety of options and choose what's best for staying warm, dry & comfortable this winter.

Winter Golf Jackets

Layering your looks is the best method for staying warm & comfortable on the golf course. Start with a base layer, add in one or two mid layers & finish off your winter golf look with a warm winter golf jacket as the outer layer.


Quilted golf jackets have been one of the most dominant trends in golf wear in recent years, now making up the vast majority of the winter golf jackets on offer. They provide impressive warmth levels but with a lightweight design & a high degree of flexibility - reducing any restrictiveness in the golf swing.


One of the main reasons for this trend cementing itself in the world of golf fashion is because almost every quilted golf jacket looks stylish enough to be worn away from the course, too. Another box ticked.

Winter Golf Trousers Warm Brushed Lined InteriorWinter Golf Trousers Warm Brushed Lined Interior

Winter Golf Trousers

Layering on your top half for winter golf makes total sense, but not many golfers like to wear multiple layers on their bottom halves. So, what's the solution? Winter golf trousers.


Generally speaking, winter golf trousers often feature a brushed lining on the inside of the fabric which is designed to retain body heat without adding too much bulk. Some styles will also feature an added layer of weather protection through an invisible DWR coating - while others may also feature convenient details such as zippered ankle openings.


And for the fashion conscious, don't sweat. Most (if not, all) of the winter golf trousers than you can find online at Golfposer will feature a fashionable tapered/tailored/slim fit silhouette. Phew.

Winter Golf Shoes

When we said that our brands have a renewed emphasis on their winter golf clothing collections - this also applies to their offering of winter golf shoes.


Nike Golf, in particular, has vastly improved their offering with the third iteration of their winterized "Shield" golf shoes - now available to shop online here.


Other brands have also vastly improved the styling of their winter specific golf shoes - allowing for them to be worn with regular in-season outfits without looking a bit out-of-place.

Winter Golf Shoes adidas Mid Top BootsWinter Golf Shoes adidas Mid Top Boots
Winter Golf Accessories Galvin GreenWinter Golf Accessories Galvin Green

Winter Golf Accessories

Some golfers often overlook the accessories department when it comes to their golf attire and this is never more detrimental than during winter.


It's a little known fact that you can lose up to 45% of your body heat from an unprotected head; increasing to 60% if you include your neck, wrists & ankles.


So you best consider rounding off your winter golf looks with some warm golf accessories. Try a branded winter golf beanie, neckwarmer (golf snood) and some winter golf gloves to keep the heat in and the cold out.

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