Thomas Detry

Thomas Detry is one of our favourite golfers on tour and someone who always looks super sharp and stylish every week. This is mostly because of his BOSS Golf apparel - but Thomas Detry also wears the very latest G/FORE golf shoes on tour - a match made in heaven. Thomas Detry also wears colourful G/FORE golf gloves to match his BOSS outfits, rounding off one of the most enviable wardrobes in the game of golf.

Did you know? Thomas Detry won the World Cup of Golf in 2018 for his home country, Belgium.

Thomas Detry Looks

  • Thomas Detry - Grey BOSS Sweater - British Masters 2019

  • Thomas Detry - Orange G/FORE Golf Glove - Belgian Knockout 2019

  • Thomas Detry - Olive BOSS Golf Polo Shirt - Saudi International 2020