Jones Golf Bags

Jones Sports Company originates from Portland, OR, and has been crafting iconic golf bags since its founding in 1971. The brand has long sought to simplify the golf bag, ridding it of frivolous design & unnecessary clutter. What remains is a product that is functional, pure, and true to the essence of the sport; a range of golf bags that players truly enjoy carrying. Jones is dedicated to recreating vintage flair and capturing nostalgia, all the while paying tribute to the legacy of the game by utilizing pure & traditional designs.

The Jones philosophy is one of simplicity & authenticity. In an age where designs can often be bogged down with unnecessary features and ornate designs, the brand instead chooses to take a step back - echoing the sentiments of purists. Drawing inspiration from yesteryear, their designs exude a vintage flair that brings with it a wave of nostalgia. Every stitch, every curve and every strap harkens back to a time when golf was defining its rich legacy. But Jones Golf bags are not just about recreating the past; they are a tribute.

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