Ted Baker Golf | New Collection Launching 2017

Ted Baker golf clothing is now available to shop online at Golfposer - following the introduction of Ted's first ever golf apparel collection in 2017.



Ted Baker is a brand which has built an outstanding reputation in the fashion industry over the last thirty years, famed for a "quirky yet commercial" selection of menswear with "high quality design detailing" and unique combinations of pattern and colour.

Designed to appeal to the most fashion conscious and most sartorial males of the 21st century, Ted Baker clothing provides consistent quality which expresses individuality without over-stepping the mark. That exceptional attention to detail is combined with an "irreverent sense of humour" to create a unique and unconventional approach to menswear. Now, finally, that same approach will be coming to designer golf clothing, with "Ted Baker Golf" coming to a course near you very soon.


With its origins in Glasgow and subsequent HQ in London, Ted Baker is a quintessentially British brand which has never lost sight of its heritage despite its many years of rapid, global growth. The man behind it all, founder and current CEO Ray Kelvin, is as unconventional as they come, too.


In an interview with the Telegraph newspaper¹, Kelvin explained his reasons for remaining anonymous in the public eye: "I'm an ugly bugger!" he quipped, displaying a sense of humour which also filters throughout the brand. An unusual decision it may be, but it's also one which proves the unselfishness of the man Ray Kelvin and the unwavering focus on the other, more important man, Ted Baker.

While Ted Baker may be a fictitious character, Ray Kelvin is probably as close a reflection to Ted as they come. "His quirkiness, passion and rebellious style is runs throughout everything that Ted Baker does" and, if that's true, we simply can't wait to see what kind of golf apparel the brand offers up later in 2017.



Iconic designer fashion brands have enjoyed a long and successful history in the golf wear industry and we think Ted Baker Golf clothing will demand some serious attention this season. We expect Ted to hit the ground running with a solid first collection and one which will appeal to those golfers with a taste for something different, but something of real quality too.

Stay tuned for news of the arrival of Ted Baker Golf clothing, ready to arrive online at Golfposer next week.

ref ¹: "Ted Baker chief Ray Kelvin is as unique as his brand", Graham Ruddick (The Telegraph), 2013.

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