Puma Super Cell Fusion!

A brand new style of the trusted Puma Cell Fusion golf shoe; is the Super Cell Fusion Ice the best ever?


Introducing the Super Cell Fusion Ice LIMITED EDITION by Puma. The base design of the Puma Cell Fusion golf shoe has long been a firm favourite here at Golfposer - though we have never been quite as excited as this for a new style of Cell Fusion! This shoe is now packed with more technology than ever and comes in four hot new colours that you see Rickie Fowler in nearly every week!

We'll start by looking at the new Performance Insert System, known as PINS, by Pride. This technological innovation is very smart and ensures the spikes are well-secured whilst each tooth on every spike is directionally molded too. This perfect spike system is utilised by Puma since they know each foot has a different function during the golf swing - giving you improved balance, feel and lateral stability consistent with every swing. The PINS system also means you are 32% lower to the ground with the new style of Super Cell Fusion Ice!


The chassis of this Puma Golf Shoe is very advanced also. Known as a Swing Speed Chassis Pro (or S²C Pro), Puma have integrated the most technology and flexibility in an outsole ever. Increasing traction and bringing you closer to the ground, you will receive immediate feedback with aided 360° movement. Ultimately this clever chassis design gives you extra control, leverage and balance throughout your swing.


Also included in this incredible golf shoe is a decoupled heel and toe to provide a smooth transition when shifting your weight from the heel to the front foot - with forefoot and heel flex grooves and a full length flex groove. The shank of the Super Cell Fusion is made from super strong yet lightweight carbon fibre (that material they constantly talk about in Formula One cars!). With carbon fibre, sturdy does not now have to mean heavy!

Another Puma favourite - IDcell technology - is again included in the Super Cell Fusion with its low density cushioning providing shock absorption and protection to your feet. To work together with IDcell, Puma have now introduced something called Everfoam which adjusts to the contour of your heel - just like memory foam. It's almost like having a pillow for your heel and if that doesn't scream out maximum comfort then we are not sure what does!


These fantastic Puma Super Cell Fusion Ice golf shoes come in four Limited Edition colours. You all asked Puma to introduce the colours that fan's favourite Rickie Fowler wears on the course - and they have happily obliged! Coming in Vibrant Orange, Vivid Blue, Surf Blue and Lime Green you can be sure to find the colour you need to complete your stand-out golfing outfit!

Also, when you purchase a pair of the Limited Edition Super Cell Fusion Ice you can be safe in the knowledge that you have a 2-year waterproof warranty from the full grain upper leather!

Now, that's the technological side of your golf shoes covered, so you just need to worry about looking good to do the technology justice!

Look Better; Feel Better; Play Better with Puma and Golfposer!


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