Puma Golf Outerwear and Jumpers Fall 2014

We guide you through the mid-layer styles which are on offer from Puma Golf for Autumn/Winter 2014!


Unseasonally high temperatures might just have lulled us into a false sense of security this past month and the colder weather which is set to arrive in the UK might just be a sharp reality check for most. It's getting cooler almost every day and that means it is now time to prepare your game for the Autumn/Winter season ahead - even it is a bit late with its arrival. We like to think of the winter months as your slightly irritating cousin at a family gathering; they almost always show up late but you know that you'll inevitably have to interact with them at some point soon after!


Luckily for you though, Puma are here to make those interactions that much more bearable with their mid-layer selection for the season ahead. The Autumn/Winter collection from Puma Golf always centres around the Popover sweater - a timeless classic which simply receives stylish updates every season. The latest design features a graphic print to the front of the body - contrasting for eye-catching appeal with most of the colour options. The Puma Popover sweater is available in no short of four colours including Biking Red and Navy Blue, whilst two solid versions are also featured in the 2014 collection for those who prefer a more subtle look. Warm, comfortable, stylish - Puma Popovers are an absolute wardrobe staple for any golfer in the UK.


A selection of Puma golf knitwear complements the Popover offering; the Novelty quarter zip sweater is of particular interest. A soft fabrication and with much higher quality assured in comparison to previous seasons, the Novelty pullover features contrast stripe detail across the chest and is an ideal mid-layer garment to wear this Autumn/Winter. Three colours feature with the Turbulence option the key feature in the above campaign image, shot by Puma earlier this season. It's a great looking sweater and offers great quality for a relatively small price - well worth a look for any stylish Puma golfer.


Puma Golf are always clever with their design details and you can be sure that this latest offering will match in perfectly with the rest of the Autumn/Winter collection. There are plenty of styles and colour options to choose from and we believe they are an ideal way to greet the cold weather here in the UK - even if it did show up late.


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