Puma Disc Golf Shoes | Play Your Way 2017

Puma Golf are giving the power back to you this season. You have been granted the choice between LACE UP or DISC golf shoes with the headline "Same Price - You Choose". So, let our style editor assist you by making that decision a little more informed.

Puma Disc Golf Shoes | The History


Puma's proprietary DISC lacing system first appeared way back in 1991 and was originally crafted to provide athletes with the absolute perfect fit with minimal effort. It was pioneering and innovative technology, but the alternative closure system clearly performed to high standards, too. Colin Jackson even won World Championship gold wearing Puma Disc technology - breaking the 110m hurdles world record in the process.

Having enjoyed a decade of success in Japan, one of the most progressive and fashion forward countries in the world, Puma Disc Golf Shoes have now been introduced in full global capacity. The new styles all feature a new MICRO-DISC dial which offers a much more sleek and stylish finish in comparison to the dials of the 90s, increasing the aesthetic appeal significantly. With a simple right twist of the dial, the internal wire lacing system will secure the foot for a locked-in, uniform and custom fit. It's robust, reliable, quick and easy - loosened with an alternate left turn and pull.

Followers of Golfposer will already know about Puma Disc technology in golf footwear following the launch of two exclusive styles late last year, but now Puma Disc Golf Shoes are available across the entire range. Disc technology now features within no fewer than nine colour options across three exciting new styles for 2017: TitanTour Ignite, Ignite Premium and Ignite Spikeless.

Puma Disc Golf Shoes | TitanTour Ignite


The highly acclaimed TitanTour Ignite golf shoes were one of the most popular styles from last season and their reliability, performance and comfort was simply second to none. As such, the style will continue as one of the flagship models in 2017 but will be complemented by its sister style - the TitanTour Ignite DISC.

This particular styles offers all the same technology as before including the responsive Ignite cushioning, PWRFRAME TPU outsole, low profile cleats and full grain leather upper (with two year waterproof guarantee). The only technical difference is the alternative lacing system, as Puma Golf want you to "Play Your Way" this season. They haven't even varied the price; both styles retail for £129.00 and removes cost as a contributing factor in your decision making process.

Puma Disc Golf Shoes | Ignite Premium


A step up from the TitanTour Ignite is the new TT Ignite Premium Disc shoe - boasting an ultra premium upper and slightly modified design. The white/grey or all-black colour options both provide a sophisticated and classy finish, whilst the addition of the side straps increases the style appeal somewhat further.

We simply love the look and super high quality feel of the Ignite Premium Puma Disc golf shoes - available for just another £20 extra in comparison to the regular TitanTour Ignite Disc.

Puma Disc Golf Shoes | Ignite Spikeless Sport


Bryson DeChambeau called them the "most comfortable shoe" he's ever worn and if they're good enough for the scientist, then they must be good enough for us. The Ignite Spikeless golf shoes were hugely popular last year and this new sport version now features a synthetic, flexible yet waterproof material at the forefront for incredible comfort and lightweight support.

Again available in either disc or classic lace up style, the Ignite Spikeless Sport golf shoes are highly fashionable with a sporty look - ultra wearable both on and off the golf course. Once more, there is no difference in price when comparing Disc with classic Lace Up.

It's time to Play Your Way.

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9 thoughts on “Puma Disc Golf Shoes | Play Your Way 2017”

  • Ian Moore

    As a one armed golfer these disc shoes would be absolutely amazing.
    I can do laces but not as tight as I'd like.
    I would love to be a Test Pilot for you.
    Thank You.
    Ian Moore.

  • James Rutherford

    Going for a week to TPC Sawgrass in May and could give them a good try out

  • Brian Manderson
    Brian Manderson February 8, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    Prove it, send me a waterproof pair to try I stay in Scotland!!! ????????????????????

  • Stuart hawkey

    I own probably about a dozen golf shoes which are all lace, but like the look of the disc model you have developed with the disc near the lave and not on the heel, hope I can assist you in your develppememt .

  • Jo Morris

    Hi there. Seen a post on Facebook asking for testers of puma golf shoes. I would happily oblige. I am a 1 handicap lady golfer who plays at Willesley Park GC. I have been a club captain, county player and captain. I regularly buy puma shoes and would love the opportunity to test the lace less or laced shoes. I am a size 6. If you grant me this opportunity I would not disappoint. Please get in touch for my details. Kind regards

  • Hugh Waters

    I want to be a test pilot for the new shoes - l play 3 or 4 times a week, handicap 8

  • Jason

    These shoes look fantastic. Would like to test them

  • Kevin Pinnington
    Kevin Pinnington February 9, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    9.5 10

  • Peter Langford

    I've suffered with a foot problem that nearly stopped me playing last year and after having all the cortisone injections I can have I've been wearing purpose made insole supports but have found that I get better support from these shoes and I believe it's the even pressure across the whole foot that really works and I'd love to help you with a long-term test.

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