We recently invited two competition winners along to test the new PUMA Suede golf shoes during a Europro Tour Pro-Am event at Foxhills GC, Surrey. Scroll down to read their open & honest feedback with their extensive PUMA Suede G review as featured below.

PUMA Suede G Review | PGA Europro

Last month, team GP took to the course at Foxhills Golf Club, Surrey, to play in the Winged Boots & IFX Championship Pro-Am event on the PGA Europro Tour. We invited along two lucky competition winners, who also got the chance to test out the new PUMA Suede G shoes on and off the course.


The lead competition winner was Sam Foskett (above, right) who invited along his good friend Sam Stoddart (above, left) - both of whom play out of Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club. The pair were joined by the impressive Craig Ross from Cambuslang, Scotland - an up and coming star of the Europro Tour who secured victory in his first ever event as a professional earlier this year.


So, how did the PUMA Suede G shoes fare during the Pro-Am and also off the golf course? We caught up with both of our competition winners in the weeks after the event to find out...

PUMA Suede G Review | Testers

Player Profiles

Name: Sam Stoddart
Age: 27
Golf Club: Salisbury & South Wilts GC
Handicap: 8

Name: Sam Foskett
Age: 28
Golf Club: Salisbury & South Wilts GC
Handicap: 12


PUMA Suede G Review | Perceptions

Have you ever owned/tried any spikeless golf shoes before?

SS: Yes, the Nike Roshe G.

SF: Yes, they were Nike.

Have you ever owned/tried any PUMA golf shoes before?

SS: Yes, the Biofusion style from a few years ago.

SF: No, never.


What were your thoughts on the PUMA Suede G shoes prior to testing?

SS: They looked great - a classic trainer look.

SF: I thought they looked really nice, but I was curious to find out how they would perform on a golf course.

What were your first impressions upon receiving your PUMA Suede G shoes?

SS: They had a good, high quality look and feel. They're just like a pair of PUMA Suede trainers.

SF: I thought they were a stunning pair of shoes. They look amazing in black; they just look like trainers, really. They felt light enough but durable - also with a good amount of tread on the soles. The inside of the shoe looked really cushioned and comfortable, so I was excited to try them out.


PUMA Suede G Review | Performance

Where and how often have you been wearing your PUMA Suede shoes since the Europro Pro-Am event at Foxhills GC?

SS: I’ve worn them as if they were normal trainers whilst travelling. Also to the range and on the course for a few rounds since.

SF: Every time I’ve played golf and even out casually to walk around the shops.

How did the new “hidden traction” outsole perform both on & off the golf course?

SS: I found I had plenty of grip and stability whilst playing with no comfort sacrificed off the course.

SF: Amazing. They feel so stable on and off the course.


What was your favourite thing about the Suede G shoes?

SS: The comfort and stability they offer. Due to a bad ankle and foot injury sustained during my time in the army, these are two things I look for most in a golf shoe and they definitely do not disappoint.

SF: It's the comfort, for me. I have never worn such a comfortable pair of shoes - especially golf shoes.

How did they compare against any other spikeless golf shoe you've owned before?

SS: They more than held their own against any other spikeless golf shoe I’ve worn.

SF: I felt like I had a lot more grip with these shoes in comparison to the other spikeless shoes I own. Again, I also think that the comfort is second to none.


PUMA Suede G Review | Conclusions

Would you recommend PUMA Suede golf shoes to any of your golfing buddies?

SS: Yes.

SF: Yes, 100%.

Anything more to add?

SS: If you want to roll straight from the course and onto the 19th hole then these shoes are the ones for you.

SF: Just a huge thank you to Golfposer & PUMA for inviting us along to the Pro-Am & for the generous overnight stay. It was an amazing couple of days for both of us - love the PUMA clothing too!


Our own massive thank you to both Sam Stoddart & Sam Foskett, Craig Ross, the Europro Tour & the team at Cobra PUMA Golf - as always.


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