We explain why the new Puma Golf Trousers are the must have style of the season - making use of a completely revamped fabric, a slim fit silhouette and offering increased reliability.

Puma Golf Trousers | Tailored Tech Pant


Now and again, a particular product arrives at GPHQ which simply blows us away for all the right reasons. This year, much to our surprise, it was a pair of golf trousers which did just that.

OK , we know exactly what you're thinking...how hard can it really be to design a good pair of golf trousers? Indeed, many brands make good golf trousers - but a great pair? That's much more difficult to achieve.

That was, until now. Introducing: the Puma Tailored Tech Pant.

Puma Golf Trousers | New Fabric


When we first got our hands on the Puma Tailored Tech pant for 2017 - we knew the brand were onto something special. A newly updated fabric is the key contributing factor and provides an increased level of stretch, a much softer handle and, crucially, more reliability than ever.

These three key attributes amount to a completely different feel in comparison to the Puma golf trousers of seasons gone by - improving the comfort and performance to new esteemed heights. Anyone who has already picked up a pair of the Puma Performance Joggers will know what we mean (since both styles feature the same fabric composition); it's pure comfort on another level.

Puma Golf Trousers | Tailored Fit


In addition to the new fabric - the newly updated fit of the Tailored Tech pant is another factor which has vastly improved. Now with a neater silhouette for a more tapered look through the leg, the Puma Tailored Tech pants look even more stylish than ever and are designed to sit perfectly atop your golf shoes. Gone are the days of baggy golf trousers; slim fit pants are now an essential for the modern day golfer.

Puma Golf Trousers | GP Review


As if you hadn't worked it out already, we very much like the new Puma Tailored Tech Pant. The design updates elevate this style to such an extent that they must be considered as a wardrobe staple for every caliber of golfer this season.

We firmly believe that the new 2017 style is easily the best pant to have ever come from Puma Golf - quite possibly outclassing those from every other sports brand on the market, too. And what price will you pay for the luxury of wearing such a vastly improved product? The same as before: £59.00