Max Kieffer is one of the newest members of team TravisMathew and we caught up with him ahead of his appearance the The British Masters at The Belfry.

Max Kieffer Chats to Golfposer

 GP: Good afternoon Max, thanks for taking some time out to speak to us today! 

You’re in good company as one of the newest members of team TravisMathew alongside the likes of Jon Rahm & Adrian Otaegui. It must be an exciting time to come on board and be a part of the brand’s European journey?

MK: Hello Golfposer! Yeah it’s definitely an exciting time with the brand growing in Europe.

It’s nice to be alongside players like Jon & Adrian who are obviously very accomplished and I am very much looking forward to growing with TravisMathew.

TravisMathew Team Member Max KiefferTravisMathew Team Member Max Kieffer

GP: Was there anything that made TravisMathew stand out as an obvious choice for you this season?

MK: I think I decided soon after they sent me some things to try on, I just really liked the clothing a lot.

You obviously want to feel good in what you wear on the golf course. You want to somewhat look good – but you’ve also got to like the material and the way it fits.

I just feel great in it while performing – that was important to me. Straight away that was the case and it’s also nice to have some of the casual gear which I love wearing off the course.

TravisMathew Team Member Max KiefferTravisMathew Team Member Max Kieffer

GP: That was our next question! So you've been wearing TM away from the course a lot, too?

MK: Quite a lot, yeah. I enjoy wearing the casual gear - it’s got a very nice quality. I'll wear Travis whenever I get some time to do whatever I want - which hasn't really been much recently because of Covid!

It looks very nice and I find it easy to wear. I’ll also wear it when I go to the gym because they use great materials.

GP: The team behind TravisMathew are always open to name suggestions for their new products. What name would you pitch for your own dedicated polo shirt? The “Kieffer”? Or maybe your nickname the “Kiwi”?

MK: That’s a good question! Maybe I’d need to think about it a little bit but spontaneously I think "The Kiwi" sounds pretty good to me. Let's make it happen!

TravisMathew Max Kieffer Mid LayersTravisMathew Max Kieffer Mid Layers

GP: Looking back through some of your outfits over the years – you were no stranger to colourful pants back in the day! How much planning do you put into your looks for a tournament week?

MK: When I was younger I definitely enjoyed wearing different, brighter coloured pants. I still enjoy wearing different colours but I would say over the last couple of years I have gone back to wearing a more classic style in terms of colour.

It’s a little difficult because - when you’re on the road for a couple of weeks - it’s much easier to combine neutrals like black, grey, white or navy together - instead of combining brighter coloured shirts and pants.

I would still wear bright colours maybe when I'm only travelling for one week at a time. That way, I can really plan the outfits properly - check the weather forecast and that means I don’t have to pack too much, you know?

TravisMathew Max Kieffer SigningTravisMathew Max Kieffer Signing

GP: If you haven’t chosen already – we’d love to pick out some TM outfits for your first couple of rounds at the British Masters this week?

MK: Yeah sure, go for it! I’m not sure how the weather is going to turn out though. I might need to wear the rain suit all week instead...!

Fingers crossed it will be OK and then it sounds like I'll have some decent outfits for the first few rounds.

Max Kieffer British Masters WednesdayMax Kieffer British Masters Wednesday
Max Kieffer British Masters ThursdayMax Kieffer British Masters Thursday

GP: You’re in some good form with two runner up finishes in your last three events; can you go one better around The Belfry?

MK: In golf you never know but my form is very good at the moment. We’ve just played a practice round here at The Belfry; we really like the course. It should suit my game as well but like I said, in golf you never know.

I’m just trying to enjoy my golf and at the end of the week, we don't focus too much on the results. I just try to go out and play shot-by-shot and we’ll see how it turns out in the end.

GP: And finally – Germany at the Euros this Summer. Can you win it this year?

MK: For sure, I think so. It will be Joachim Löw’s last Euros so everyone will try to make it as good as possible. At the big tournaments Germany are always a decent pick because I think we tend to play better sometimes in the bigger tournaments.

I hope we win - but I'm mainly looking forward to a good tournament with hopefully some spectators as well.