Read the official Q&A with Robbie Williams who gives the low-down on the limited edition J.Lindeberg x Robbie Williams golf capsule.

Robbie Williams - Q&A

1. How did your passion for golf influence the design and concept behind the "Streets & Greens" collection with J.Lindeberg?

My passion for golf includes feelings of both love and hate, and this collection reflects that. When making this collaboration with the team at J.Lindeberg, we wanted to capture the highs and lows of my relationship with golf, translating those emotions into edgy, versatile pieces that resonate with fellow golf and fashion enthusiasts.

2. The collection reflects a "love-hate" relationship with golf. Could you elaborate on how this emotional dynamic influenced the design choices and overall theme?

Since I see golf as a rollercoaster of emotions, we wanted the designs to mirror this by blending classic golf elements with bold prints that tell a story. In line with J.Lindeberg's design philosophy, this collection is an unconventional take on traditional golf fashion, adding boldness and individuality with prints and colors you might not usually see on the greens. It also has a unique streetwear angle to it, making it suitable to be worn both on and off the course.

3. What specific streetwear elements did you bring into the collection, and how do they blend with traditional golf fashion?

The Streets & Greens collection is all about breaking new boundaries within golf fashion, something J.Lindeberg has been doing since 1996. We brought in streetwear vibes both by adding sweatpants and hoodies to the collection, but also by designing prints that are a collision of urban style and classic golf fashion.

J.Lindeberg Robbie Williams Bright Colour Polo ShirtsJ.Lindeberg Robbie Williams Bright Colour Polo Shirts
J.Lindeberg Robbie Williams Golf ShirtsJ.Lindeberg Robbie Williams Golf Shirts

4. The "Swing Easy Hoodie" caters to functionality and style. What inspired the practical design elements, such as the scorecard pocket and compartments for golf essentials?

Golf is a game of precision, and the Swing Easy Hoodie is made to enhance both your style and your performance by serving a purpose on the course. The practical elements, such as the scorecard pocket and compartments for essentials, were inspired by the practical needs of a golfer and to make the wearer feel both comfortable and confident when playing.

5. The collection features bold prints and a distinct color palette. Can you share more about the inspiration behind these choices and how they embody your personal style?

The prints and color palette are truly a reflection of the love-hate relationship I have to golf. The boldness represents the determination and confidence you feel when playing well, while the distinct color palette of blue, white and purple adds a touch of rebellion. These design choices embody my personal style in a way since it's about making a statement, both in terms of fashion and on the golf course.

6. How do you envision people incorporating pieces from the "Streets & Greens" collection into their everyday wardrobe, both on and off the golf course?

Adding boldness and personality to the collection is an encouragement to make people feel the freedom to express themselves. Much like J.Lindeberg's rebellious spirit in mixing fashion and sports, these pieces are designed to be versatile, whether you're hitting the golf course or the streets. For example, I envision people pairing the Swing Easy Hoodie with jeans for a casual day look or styling the bold print pieces in a more dressed-up manner for a night out on the town.

J Lindeberg Robbie Williams Blue Sweat Golf ClothingJ Lindeberg Robbie Williams Blue Sweat Golf Clothing
J Lindeberg Robbie Williams Blue Golf JacketJ Lindeberg Robbie Williams Blue Golf Jacket

7. What was the most exciting aspect of collaborating with J.Lindeberg on this project, and how did it differ from your previous ventures?

J.Lindeberg is an iconic brand and we had a great time creating both this collection and last year's collaboration for the 150th Open at St Andrews. Together, we dive into the worlds of both golf and fashion with a creative synergy where we can push new boundaries, resulting in pieces that stand out.

8. How important was it for you to infuse your personality and experiences into this collection, and what message or feeling do you hope wearers will experience?

I want wearers to feel a connection – not just to the clothes but to the emotions. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a fashion enthusiast, I hope this collection can make you feel the rebellious spirit, the highs and lows, and the joy of self-expression that the pieces embody.

9. Can you walk us through the creative process behind translating your vision into tangible fashion pieces?

Were there any moments or details that were especially meaningful to you during this process? Like always, the creative process is a journey. We started by pouring my experiences and our visions onto the design board, translating emotions into sketches and color palettes. Each detail, from the prints to the practical elements, was a deliberate choice made together with the team at J.Lindeberg. The most meaningful moments were when we saw the pieces come to life – watching the story unfold in unique designs.