We sit down with new GP Ambassador and young professional golfer, Guido Migliozzi, ahead of the Masters 2018.

What the Masters Means to Me | Guido Migliozzi

Guido Migliozzi is an Italian professional golfer who turned professional in 2016 after a fantastic amateur career in which he was the no.1 ranked Italian amateur in the world.


Since turning professional Guido recorded his first win on the Alps Tour and is now set for a season on the Challenge Tour kicking off in Turkey later this year.

With the Masters 2018 all set up to be one of the most memorable tournament in recent years, we wanted to get a different perspective and a little more insight into what the Masters means to a young and upcoming professional - such as GP ambassador Guido Migliozzi.

What the Masters Means to Me | GP interview

Hi Guido, thanks for taking the time to speak with us directly as part of your monthly feature with the GP eMAG! There's only one topic which everyone is talking about this month so, let's get straight into it shall we?

Sounds good guys!


So, can you tell us your first memory of watching The Masters on TV?

I can remember it all the way back to when I was around 7 or 8 years old! Masters Sunday was always a night I looked forward to and I was allowed to stay up late to watch the Masters finish!

Do you have a particular favourite memory or Masters Moment that you remember well?

I have many, but I would probably have to choose one of the many memories with Tiger Woods and his incredible performances around Augusta.

Do you get the same feeling of anticipation as a regular armchair viewer?

The feeling is that of inspiration. I watch the Masters and it drives me to work harder and harder so that one day I am playing in the Masters myself, competing with the best golfers in the world.

Maybe it means even more to you as a professional, since this is the pinnacle event to win/play in as an individual?

Yes, for sure! That and the Open Championship for me are the two best events on the calendar. Plus the Ryder Cup which I attended with my management company Modest Golf a couple of years back.

We definitely look forward to it more that other events also. Do you enjoy Golfposer’s coverage of the players scripts & looks from the tournament?

Yes I love it and the scripts give me much inspiration for what I wear on the course. I find the scripts are very much a representation of what is fashionable right now and I think it’s great that Golfposer are encouraging golfers to think about what they wear on the golf course. Golf is changing and golfers should not be afraid to experiment with their golf wardrobes!

What the Masters Means to Me | 2018 at Augusta

What are you most looking forward to with this Masters tournament?

The return of the Tiger!! He has shown such incredible mental strength to keep going despite all his injury setbacks. Tiger Woods is the reason so many guys like me have taken this great game up. He deserves nothing but respect and, for me, he is one of the greatest sportsmen that this world has ever seen.


Do you think Tiger could win?

Of course, Tiger is a born winner. He knows the course better than anyone and knows how to win around Augusta. Tiger woods is well and truly back and it will only have a positive impact on golf in so many ways!

In your heart, who would you like to win and then in your head, who do you think will win?

Such a tough question! In my heart, I love Rickie Fowler and really feel a big win will happen for him sooner rather than later. I had the opportunity to meet him at the Ryder Cup and he is a great guy. But who do I really think will win? I'm So sorry but I just can’t call it. DJ, Rose, Woods, McIlroy, Day, Bubba, Mickelson...too many to choose from! One thing is for sure; this for me is set to be one of the greatest Masters of all time!


Our thanks as always to Guido Migliozzi & Modest! Golf Management for their time ahead of the Masters 2018. Keep an eye out for many more features with Guido on of the Golfposer eMAG and be sure to look out for his progress on the Challenge Tour in 2018, too.

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