Shergo Kurdi. A great name and one which we would insist you remember. Why? Only because this young man from Surrey is well on track to become the world's best golfer in the next decade or so.


He had a plastic club in his hands before he could even walk. He had his first set of real golf clubs aged just 3. He won the very first tournament he entered, at the grand old age of 6. He even won all five qualifying events leading up to the Championship Final of the Trailblazers Tour in 2011 - which he won too, by the way. Quite spectacular, no?


Well, not when you consider that Shergo Kurdi won the Order of Merit that year too. And he repeated these achievements all over again in 2012. So, how did 2013 go for this boy sensation? Quite well apparently, with a mere 18 titles to his name. Inevitably, Shergo does comes from a golfing background with his father, Antonio, having developed a swing-aid named the Power Hip Rotator, which he successfully brought to market and he was scouted as a rising star of the game very early on indeed. Those who have watched him in action (which includes Sergio Garcia & Matteo Manassero) even comment that he already has the technique and golf swing of a seasoned pro. Shergo Kurdi is age 10.

Despite having already made five (yes five!) hole-in-ones in his career so far and dominating the circuit for his respected age group, Shergo is always looking to improve as every dedicated professional should. He aims to emulate the great Seve Ballesteros one day and top coach David Burns, based at Kingsfield Golf Club - Linlithgow, is hoping to help him on the way. According to his own featured website, Shergo's game has gone from 'strength to strength' under David and his top-level coaching has brought all aspects of his game to new heights.


Having started working with Shergo in the summer of 2013, Burns was immediately impressed. He recently told us, "Shergo is a supremely talented golfer who is a wonderful, well-mannered and respectful boy from a very supportive and loving family.

We have worked together to develop and enhance a number of areas of his game. The first focus area was his set up and balance, whilst we've worked on his backswing to make the plane more neutral, too. He still has a tendancy to overswing especially with longer clubs, but I'm confident that this will improve very soon due to his tremedous work ethic.

His downswing has improved due to our work on stablising his footwork, body weight transfer and rotation, and we've seen a significant increase in power and accuracy as a result.

He has a wonderful short game and has a golfing brain that surpasses anything I have seen in someone his age.

He is a joy to coach as he's a great listener, asking relevant questions to further develop his already deep understanding of the golf swing. He's open minded and quick to implement new actions and is not afraid of hard work. Shergo, his family and I eagerly await the 2014 season and beyond."

Shergo has also been praised for his extraordinary maturity for such a young lad with the modesty, respect and golfing etiquette of any adult you might know. Our trusted sources inform us that Shergo is well on course to become world number one some day in the future and we will certainly be there supporting Shergo all the way!