Our Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge was taken on by competition winner Simon Shaw - who was tasked with wearing seven items of Galvin Green golf clothing in seven separate situations over the course of seven days.

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | The Task

After an extensive GP Test Pilot search on Facebook, we sent lucky competition winner Simon Shaw over £1000 worth of Galvin Green apparel with the task of wearing each individual item in a different situation over the course of seven days. It was a tall task, but Simon proved an incredibly worthy winner and gave 100% effort, completing the challenge with flying colours.

All of his valuable feedback is outlined below and further proves that Galvin Green apparel is super versatile and isn't just for wearing on the golf course.

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | Waterproof Jacket

Item: Galvin Green ADAM Gore Tex Jacket

Situation: Dog walking on the beach


On day one of the Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge, I chose to wear the waterproof jacket while I walked my dog at the beach. Often, I would throw on a large jacket to keep me dry and then a hoodie underneath to prevent the wind getting through, but this jacket was effective enough to do both. There was no way I wasn't putting this on today!

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | Polo Shirt

Item: Galvin Green MAX Ventil8 Golf Shirt

Situation: Date night (dinner, drinks & the cinema)


For day two, it was DIY Sunday at my house where I obviously wore old, paint covered clothes. After all the hard work and effort, I enjoyed a huge beef dinner and then decided that a few for "Sunday Club" were in order - followed by a trip to the cinema with my better half. I chose to put on the Galvin Green Ventil8 polo shirt as I like to look smart when we're out. It looks cool and I think it's a lot more dressy than a regular "golf polo". I wore it with a pair of jeans and plimsolls.

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | Insula Gilet

Item: Galvin Green DERRY Insula Lite

Situation: Commuting to work


On day three, it was a bit wet and a little colder - but not enough for a pullover. Instead, I put on the Galvin Green Insula gilet for driving to work and couldn't be more pleased with it. The gilet fits well, packs in the heat and looks really, really sporty. I imagine the light grey colour goes with most things; it even looked good with a bright orange shirt! This is definitely a go-to piece for on and off the golf course.

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | Base Layer

Item: Galvin Green EAST Thermal Base Layer

Situation: Running on the coastline


It's day four of the Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge and I decided to get up for an early morning run along Seaham sea front. Usually, on a morning run, I would put on another sports branded base layer but today I opted for the Galvin Green thermal base layer shirt. It's impressively warm, so I never even needed anything on top. What I really liked was the extended mock neck collar; it's longer than most base layers I've had so I didn't have to wear anything extra to keep the cold wind from my neck.

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | Golf Trousers

Item: Galvin Green NASH Ventil8 Pants

Situation: A working day at the office


On day five, I turned up to the office wearing the Galvin Green Nash Pants instead of my regular trousers - matching them easily with a dress shirt. They were so comfortable, lightweight and cool - perfect in a warm office all day. I'll certainly be wearing these a lot more; I never considered wearing golf trousers to work before. At least it also means that I don't have to change before heading to the course!

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | Windstopper

Item: Galvin Green BRUCE Windstopper Jacket

Situation: Watching the British Masters


I went to the British Masters at Close House for day six. It all started off with some terrible weather but then it got pretty nice for later on. Golfposer tasked me with taking a snap with any Galvin Green brand ambassador and so we followed Daniel Im for a short time (pictured in the background above). I wore the Galvin Green quilted windstopper jacket and it was the perfect choice. It's super light and stops the wind getting at you for sure and, best of all, looks amazing. I could easily wear this to any event or just for going out - it's my favourite of everything I received!

Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge | Insula Hoodie

Item: Galvin Green DUKE Insula Hoodie

Situation: Working out at the gym


Sadly, it's the last day of my Galvin Green Seven Day Challenge and I've tried to be as active as possible this morning. I went for a long morning walk with the pooch (she didn't want photographed today), then a gym session before catching the train to Newcastle for the day. I did all of this while wearing the Duke Insula Hoodie in black and yellow. The zip is nice and high to keep the wind out, the fabric is soft and warm to wear without feeling too heavy and kept me so toasty all day. I've had this on with a pair of joggers, shorts and jeans and it just keeps on looking amazing every time - if I do say so myself...

Our congratulations and thanks to Simon for taking part in the challenge and we hope you enjoy all seven of your new Galvin Green items even more in future!

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