We are very excited to introduce another high quality brand to the Golfposer family - Druh Golf Belts and Buckles!


You may already recognise the Druh Belts 'DB' logo since these high quality leather belts can be seen on many professional golfers and amateurs alike! Created by English touring professional Simon Hurd, Druh ('Hurd' in reverse, for us slow thinkers) Golf Belts and Buckles are made with appropriately sourced crocodile, ostrich and plain leathers - or even snakeskin - whilst each belt comes with a second interchangeable buckle! At a very affordable price and several buckle options - it is clear to see why Druh Golf Belts have found such great success in designer golf fashion!


If we were to list the professional male and female golfers who wear Druh Belts on tour - the list would be so long may not even fit on this page! Instead, here is a quick snapshot:

Lee Westwood Robert Karlsson

John Daly Jean Chua

Ashleigh Simon Thomas Bjorn

Tongchai Jaidee Paul McGinley


Simon Hurd himself was Paul McGinley's caddy for the Ballantine's Championship in Korea last week and travelling the world is something the team at Druh will be used to, from personally visiting global locations to source their exotic leathers! Crocodile skin is unique, prestigious and wholly reliable - whilst Ostrich leather is known for its strength and suppleness. Combine these high quality, natural and sustainable materials with the wizardry of the Druh design team and the result is some of the best golf belts we have ever seen!


Druh Belt Buckles also come in a variety of colours and styles which are available for purchase, though if you scroll over the belt images you will be able to see the second buckle included with each belt. These come packaged in a neat little Druh pouch and each belt package is presented in a professional Druh box, itself finished in Druh's signature pink and black colours. The all round packaging of Druh belts and their very affordable price makes them an ideal gift for any golfer!


With excellent skill and handcrafting, Druh belts have a luxurious feel to them using only the best leathers nature has to offer! Found in over 27 countries worldwide, handmade Druh Golf Belts and Buckles are now available with free next day delivery online at Golfposer!


Worn by six major winning golfers and with former World Number One Lee Westwood as a brand ambassador - you know you are in good company owning a Druh Golf Belt! It's your choice but remember, Druh belts are the Choice of Champions.