We're very excited to announce a new partnership with Chris Ryan Golf - one of the best golf coaches and YouTube Instructors in the game today. Chris will be wearing Galvin Green threads with the Golfposer logo on his chest throughout 2019 and we caught up with him earlier this week to hear his thoughts on becoming the newest Golfposer brand ambassador.

Chris Ryan Golf | Interview 2019


GP: Hi Chris, thanks for your time today! We are incredibly proud to announce our brand new partnership for the year ahead and we just have a few questions to help introduce you to those GP customers who may not be familiar of your work.

You’re one of the most respected professional golf coaches on the YouTube scene at the moment with over 100,000 subscribers on the platform. Can you briefly tell us where it all began for you and what first inspired you to create your "Chris Ryan Golf" channel?

CR: It all started back in 2013 with my first video being published on 23rd September. It feels very strange to watch that video back again now but (like with any new venture) you develop, evolve and learn your craft. I'd like to think my delivery and general on-screen presence has improved since those early 'wooden' looking videos. When I set out on this social media/YouTube journey, I never imagined I would surpass 100,000 subscribers and reach over a million golfers each month. It really has been a fantastic journey and I can honestly say that I’ve loved every moment.

In terms of inspiration, I first started my channel for a number of reasons. I saw how the internet was changing the way that people consumed their content and YouTube was still a bit of an unknown for many people at that time. There were only a couple of golf specific channels back then and I saw how they were beginning to gather some momentum. At the start, it was more about promoting my own personal brand and generating some more clients for my coaching business; fast forward five or six years and I’m very happy to say that it's one of the most subscribed golf-instruction-specific channels on YouTube.

Chris Ryan Golf | GP Ambassador


GP: We’re excited that you’ll be wearing Galvin Green for 2019 and beyond - one of the hottest golf apparel brands around at the moment. Have you had any comments from your viewers & followers in the past few weeks about the switch?

CR:  I'm really excited to partner with Golfposer and Galvin Green - the range looks incredible! My viewers are very observant and so naturally there have already been a few comments about the switch in apparel this year - some were even asking which specific style of top that I was wearing in one recent video.

GP: You’ve just got your hands on the brand new SS19 collection with our Golfposer logo featured on the chest of every garment. What are your initial impressions of the clothing you’ve received so far?

CR: I love it! I've always made sure that I head to the golf course feeling good about what I am wearing and I definitely do with this new collection. There are three things I like to look for in an apparel brand: the style, the fit and the colours. Galvin Green have ticked all those boxes this season - the only difficult part is with choosing which items to wear each day!

Chris Ryan Golf | Galvin Green Clothing


GP: Galvin Green are one of the best brands when it comes to attention to detail thanks to their knowledge & experience. How do you think it compares against anything you’ve worn before; can you feel the difference in quality?

CR: It's very obvious that they pay attention to each and every detail on their garments, everything from the way they design their zips to these "Superstretch" elbow patches on the new waterproof jacket. The thought that goes into each item is just incredible. Certainly more technically advanced than anything else I've ever worn before; it's clearly designed with the modern day golfer in mind.

GP: All year round, you produce at least three videos per week on your YouTube channel - so the fact that Galvin Green have an exceptional offering which covers every weather possibility must be a real perk?

CR: It definitely is. I’ve recently been making good use of the warm snoods, base layers and quilted jackets with the temperatures hovering around freezing since the New Year. But then, it's also nice to know that the range of polo shirts is also exceptional for when the warmer weather swings back around.

It is important to me that an apparel brand covers all the bases because I coach all year round. That includes the freezing wintry conditions like this week, then the baking hot temperatures just six months later when the clothes need to breathe and allow me to work comfortably in the heat.

Chris Ryan Golf | Style


GP: We’ve been watching your channel for many years now and you certainly have a keen eye for style; can the same be said for when you’re not on the golf course or in front of the camera?!

CR: I've always been someone who likes to leave the house feeling good about how I dress - whether it's heading out for dinner with the wife, some drinks with friends or heading to play a round of golf. I've always been someone who sees ‘outfits’ rather than individual items, so it's nice that I can see multiple outfit choices with the new Galvin Green range and the variety of colours they have this year. I have already mentally pieced some together for upcoming filming trips!

GP: At least now you’ll also be able to add some of the EDGE collection into your lifestyle wardrobe, since it marries up some of the more “high street” trends with all the same performance attributes…

CR: It's great, I love it! To be honest, I do like the typical golfing traditions when it comes to style - so I love how Galvin Green have really pushed the boundaries and stood out from the crowd while still keeping true to the traditions of the game. I can see the EDGE range being really popular this year and I'll certainly be wearing it on the course - and probably off the course too!

Chris Ryan Golf | adidas Shoes


GP: When it comes to footwear, you’ve obviously been wearing the adidas Tour360 BOOST golf shoes for some time now. Are you looking forward to trying the new XT tour and XT spikeless versions?

CR: Since I'm still a full time coach, a busy day for me can mean eight or nine hours of coaching. Being on my feet all that time means that I have to wear the best shoes and, for me, that means adidas golf.

When I get a new pair of adidas shoes I can take them straight from the box, wear them for nine hours and never have any problems. I generally wear the spikeless shoes when I’m coaching and then switch to the spiked shoes if I’m heading out to play a full round - so having those two options is key for me. I also just love the way the adidas shoes look. So yes, I'm quite excited to get my hands (or feet) on the new XT range.

GP: And finally, we must congratulate you and your wife on the arrival of your twin boys in September! How on earth do you still find the time to keep up your amazing rate of content production with both hands full?!

CR: The boys have been great, definitely life changing and having twins is certainly a blessing. It has been tough trying to work everything around them, especially as they surprised us and came five weeks early. My wife has been fantastic though and she's really supportive of my work, so she understands the demands of being away filming and then at home editing. I look forward to the time when the boys can help operate a camera or maybe carry my golf bag - though that's a few years away yet!

GP: Thanks once again for your time today, Chris. We look forward to working together over the coming weeks & months; hopefully you enjoy wearing your new Galvin Green threads this year!

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