Nike Vapor Fly Review - Ultimate Test Pilot

Earlier this year we launched a search for the ultimate GP Test Pilot to review the Nike Vapor Fly driver, RZN Proto balls and the new Lunar Control 4 golf shoes. The search was one of our most popular ever competitions on Facebook and lucky winner Craig Betts was selected at random. Craig has now submitted his findings and you can read his detailed Nike Vapor Fly review below.

ULTIMATE NIKE TEST PILOT WANTED!YOUR MISSION - Test the not-yet-released Nike Vapor Fly Driver alongside a dozen Nike...

Posted by Golfposer on Friday, 8 January 2016

Nike Vapor Fly Review - The Test Pilot

Firstly - a little about our test pilot, Craig Betts, who was chosen at random from a list of more than 2500 entries on Facebook.


GOLF CLUB - Aldwickbury Park Golf Club, Harpenden, Hertfordshire
CURRENT DRIVER - Titleist  910 d2 8.5 Degree, Project X 7c3 70g Shaft
CURRENT SHOES - Footjoy Hyper Flex, black

Nike Vapor Fly Review - First Impressions

Firstly, how did you feel about being chosen from a list of 2600 entries?

I couldn't quite believe that I was picked as the winner. I've never won anything like this before. I had tagged my friend, David Stewart, in Golfposer's Facebook post and he was immediately on the phone to me. I was speechless, I still can't believe it and I know that David was especially jealous. Being asked to test the latest Nike products is one thing, but having the opportunity to keep the brand new driver, golf balls and shoes is something else!

What were your first impressions of the product?

Well, the first thing that stands out about the driver is the bright Photo Blue colour - it really does catch your eye. But then, as soon as you tee it up, you honestly forget all about the colour. Standing over the driver totally fills you with confidence and then when you strike the ball, the sound is just fantastic. It's almost incomparable to my previous driver.


As for the golf shoes, I was offered a choice of any colour from the four currently stocked by Golfposer. I chose the black option and I was very impressed with how they looked; I wasn't originally convinced by the enlarged Nike Swoosh but, once I tried them on, my mind was made up. Best looking pair of shoes I've had.

Finally, with the RZN Proto balls, I had heard about them before but I was so comfortable with my Pro V1X balls that I would never have considered making the switch. I was intrigued to test and compare them on the course.

Nike Vapor Fly Review - The Testing


Where were the products tested?

Aldwickbury Park Club, Verulam Golf Club & Tilsworth Driving Range

How did the testing go?

After just three shots with the Nike Vapor Fly driver, I knew that it would be going straight into the bag. Some of the things that stood out the most with this club was the way it looked at address, the solid feel at impact and the crisp sound it gives off. It really gave me a lot of confidence even on my (few) mis-hit shots. As you can see from my images - the stats from the launch monitor were really impressive for a golfer of my calibre!


The rest of the testing went very well - so far I have had four rounds of golf with the products. The Nike Vapor Fly driver worked very well with the RZN Proto ball, it had a great flight and was very stable in the wind. It also felt nice and solid on both my long and short iron shots, while it had a great feel on shots around the greens. With my chip shots, the ball gripped nicely off the club, checked up and rolled out. The balls didn't scuff up like the current Pro V1X that I usually use, which was quite the surprise.


As for the Lunar Control 4 golf shoes, they were super comfortable throughout each of my four rounds. Even in the extreme wet weather we have been having, my feet stayed dry the whole time.  It's clear to see that a lot of time and effort has gone into their development and apparently even Rory McIlroy had a big say in their design - which immediately fills you with confidence.

What has impressed you the most out of all the items?

The Nike Vapor Fly driver, without a doubt. Every time I pulled it out of the bag I felt confident. Great feel off the club face and high ball flight - I love it.

Nike Test Pilot Review - Lunar Control 4


Were the shoes comfortable from the box, or did you have to break them in?

Nike Shoes where very comfortable from the start - they felt very lightweight. On both half and full shots you get great support and feel solid on the turf.

What were your thoughts on receiving and wearing the LC4 in comparison to seeing the original product images?

The first thing that strikes you with the Nike Lunar Control 4 is the big Nike Swoosh on the front - it's very eye catching. In all honesty, I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. The enlarged Swoosh isn't something you would expect to see on golf shoes but I think it works quite nicely. They look really sharp on the TV, too.

I've always been quite traditional when it comes to golf shoes, nothing too bold or flashy. As it turns out, I really did like the look of them when I had them on my feet for the first time. The black/white colour option was a great choice, they match with a lot of the clothes I normally wear for my medals.

Would you recommend Nike Golf products in the future?

I could definitely recommend each of the three Nike products I've been lucky enough to test and keep. Some of the best products in their respective fields, in my opinion. All three products will be seeing plenty of action on the course this season and the driver is staying in the bag, without a doubt. I'm really hyped for the season to start now.

As for the Nike brand itself, it feels like they're really at the top of their game right now. Having seen the new collection launched last week and Rory wearing the Flyknit Chukka golf shoes at the weekend, I reckon they might just leave the other big brands lagging behind especially with products as good as the ones I have reviewed.

Can you score the following out of 10?

Nike Vapor Fly Driver - 9
Lunar Control 4 Shoe - 9
RZN Proto Balls - 9
GP Test Pilot Experience - 10

Any final words?

Many thanks again to all the team at Golfposer and Nike Golf. It was such an awesome opportunity and I feel privileged to have been trusted with composing this test pilot review for the Nike Vapor Fly driver - which hadn't even been released for sale yet!

Stay tuned across the Golfposer social media pages for future opportunities to become a GP Test Pilot in 2016!

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