Nike Roshe Golf Shoes | New Spikeless Style 2018

We take a closer look at the all new Nike Roshe golf shoes which are based on one of the most iconic Nike sneakers of all time.

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes | New Style

Nike Golf have just announced that yet another icon of the sneaker universe will be transcending into the world of golf shoes for the very first time.


For many years, the Nike Roshe sneaker has been the go-to choice for lightweight comfort, timeless style and ultimate versatility - three key attributes which you will now be able to enjoy on the golf course in 2018.

The Nike "Roshe G" golf shoe perfectly blends the signature Roshe mesh upper with a golf-specific outsole which uses pressure mapping technology for the reliable grip & traction which every golfer needs. However, this outsole is also made of durable rubber, which means it will be soft enough to wear on any surface which you might encounter off the course, too.

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes | Targeted Traction

The pressure-mapped outsole has already received widespread acclaim for its functionality and clever ingenuity, having previously been a feature on another pair of spikeless Nike golf shoes.


To get the perfect balance of traction and off-course versatility, the Nike shoe designers produced a 3D map of pressure point data (based on a number of golfers' swings) and applied this same spread to an outsole filled with little traction nodules. The nodules were then dispersed and concentrated accordingly with several undulations further enhancing grip in the most important areas.


The end result is an incredibly unique outsole which really does function well on the golf course, but still provides the same soft feel on hard surfaces in the same fashion as a regular sneaker.

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes | Key Attributes

Aside from the golf specific outsole which provides you with targeted traction, there are many other key attributes which help to set the Nike Roshe golf shoes apart from any other spikeless style available on the market.


The flexible mesh upper is one of the main factors for the popularity of a Nike Roshe sneaker and this same fabric upper has been replicated with the Roshe G style. This, in turn, allows for the same incredible comfort with a lightweight feel, while the breathability and flexibility on offer is simply outstanding.

Furthermore, the mid sole has been enhanced with injected foam cushioning to improve your comfort levels once more. Whether you're walking 18 holes, hitting 100 balls at the range or simply running your errands day-to-day, your feet are sure to feel fresh and comfortable all day long thanks to the design of the Nike Roshe G shoes.

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes | Colours

The Nike Roshe G will be available in three main line colour options from February 2018; black, university red and thunder blue.

These three colours will then be accompanied by a Roshe G Premium in March, a style which introduces a more luxurious leather upper, before a handful of other colours arrive later in the year. These include the White/Thunder Blue/Gold option which comes from the Nike "Metallic Pack" of golf shoes, while a Cool Grey/Black/Volt option will also drop in May.

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes | Buy Online

We simply love the Nike Roshe G shoes and firmly believe that they will become the must-have "second pair of shoes" for every modern golfer with a keen eye for style. Nike Roshe golf shoes offer you incredible value and supreme comfort, whether you're wearing them on the golf course, at the golf range or almost anywhere else - for that matter.


Nike Golf are the absolute experts at transforming sneaker silhouettes into golf shoe styles and we honestly believe the Nike Roshe G might just be their best spikeless golf shoe to date.

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