About Icebreaker Merino Golf Wear

Discover all you need to know about Icebreaker and why we firmly believe that their merino performance wear is the new must-have for golfers.


There's a revolution coming to the golf clothing industry and we think it is about time that you all sat up and took notice. This revolution is not catalysed by new technology, it couldn't be any more the opposite. We probably shouldn't even classify it as a revolution; it's much more of an uprise against another revolution which we all instinctively welcomed with open arms. Merino wool is making a comeback against synthetic, man-made fabrics and is well positioned to dominate the performance clothing market. If this is the rebellion, then New Zealand-based brand Icebreaker are the rebel leaders.

About Icebreaker - The Merino


Wool, as a traditional fabric, is widely perceived as thick, itchy and uncomfortable to wear. This is no longer true and can almost be considered as somewhat of a myth; modern technologies exist to negate these associations. The clever minds behind the Icebreaker brand spotted the potential of a particular type of wool, harnessed this potential and introduced a product to the performance clothing market which has never really been seen before.

The wool is that of which comes from the Merino sheep which live in the Southern Alps mountain range, New Zealand. The climate there can reach extreme highs of 35°C in summer and the extreme lows of -20°C in the winter months - which is what makes this Merino wool so special. The sheep have adapted to survive in both extremes and nature has resulted in the production of woollen fur which is unlike any other. It is highly breathable and temperature regulating in warm conditions yet, of course, insulating and incredibly comfortable for during the harshest winter conditions.

About Icebreaker - The Garments


The garment designers at Icebreaker aimed to utilise these natural properties of the Merino wool and introduced a form of performance clothing which stands up to and exceeds the benefits of synthetic, man-made fabrics. How is this so, you ask?

- Icebreaker's Merino Wool does not only offer thermal insulation as you might expect, but also thermal regulation. It has been developed to keep you cool in warm conditions due to its lightweight nature and high levels of breathability alongside keeping your body warm in cold conditions.
- Icebreaker fabrics are the most effective odour controllers - perfect for wearing during performance sports.
- The Merino fabrication that is produced is machine washable, quick drying and never needs ironing (just don't use the tumble drier!).
- Merino wool is 100% natural, fully biodegradable and also naturally occurring - unlike synthetics which come from petrochemicals.

Further added benefits of Icebreaker New Zealand Merino in particular include greater durability, increased softness and reduced pilling in comparison with other variants. Furthermore, the brand implement lengthy contracts with the Merino growers - securing their futures and also ensuring the wellbeing of their flocks. It's a small notion, but it's an important thing to know the origins of our clothing in this day and age.

About Icebreaker - Warm Golf Wear

So, why wear Icebreaker for golf? We think the following reasons should be fairly obvious, given your new-found expertise in the properties of Merino wool:

- Thermal regulation is great for playing golf in changeable conditions
- Natural anti-microbial properties (deodorant can only do so much, gents)
- The lightweight, soft abric allows for maximum comfort, combining with the natural softness which is provided with Icebreaker Merino
- Our performance in golf is all about the swing and a Merino base layer offers superior freedom of movement.

In comparison, synthetic base-layers rely upon compression systems to provide heat retention but let's be honest - how many of us really feel comfortable wearing these unnatural garments which are just as hard to put on as they are to get off again? They work, there is no question of that, but Icebreaker Merino golf wear will work far better and will provide many more benefits. For too long we have all been investing in synthetic performance clothing, with compression base layers in particular, but now it's time to revert back to wearing clothing as nature intended. Humans are clever, but nature is smarter.

Now you know all you need to know about Icebreaker, you can shop the latest products from the range here.


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