Henrik Stenson Masters 2015 - Hugo Boss Scripts

Henrik Stenson Masters 2015 - Hugo Boss Scripts

Discover what Hugo Boss clothing Henrik Stenson is set to wear at the Masters 2015!

For the first time this year, Hugo Boss released the exact scripts which their players were set to wear at the Masters. Here is a look at what Henrik Stenson is set to wear at Augusta.

Henrik Stenson Masters Thursday






Day one at the Masters sees Henrik Stenson wear the Caribbean Sea colour way from Hugo Boss with the classic Paddy Pro shirt matched with the Leeman pinstripe pants. A strange inclusion of the Veeh Pro in granita pink, but we doubt he'll need to wear this any way.

Henrik Stenson Masters Friday






Fashion Friday offers a good line up for Henrik. The Paule Pro shirt with this contemporary reverse print is one of our favourite shirts from the range, with a slim fit elevating the style even further. Matched with the Nightwatch Hivos pants, with a subtle all-over polka finish.

Henrik Stenson Masters Saturday






Should Henrik make the cut (and we fully expect him to do so) - it will be a green Saturday for the Swede. White trousers are one of the big trends this season and these Hakan pants are one great way to follow suit.

Henrik Stenson Masters Sunday






Championship Sunday follows the 'all-black' route with the Paddy Pro 2 x Hakan 7 golf pants - a sharp look for when he pulls on his new Green Jacket come Sunday evening. We like it, but the Boss collection has so much more to offer we think!

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