Alexander Björk

Alexander Björk is another talented golfer to come from Sweden and is beginning to make his impression on the European Tour with some outstanding performances. Alexander Björk is one of the key models who feature within the Galvin Green campaign images and you can now discover all of the same styles from the latest collections online at Golfposer.

Did you know? Björk became the first golfer to list himself on an athlete exchange platform back in 2012, helping to fund his professional career and pledging 10% of his winnings back to investors.

Alexander Björk Looks

  • Alexander Bjork - Galvin Green Tour Polo - Italian Open 2018

  • Alexander Bjork - Open Championship Thursday - Galvin Green 2018

  • Alexander Bjork - Galvin Green Polo Shirt - HSBC Champions 2018

  • Alexander Bjork - Galvin Green Rain Gear - Made in Denmark 2019