Winter Puma Golf Wear | Customer Experience Day 2017

Earlier this week, we invited two lucky GP followers to play the iconic Gullane No.1 course on the East Coast of Scotland where they also had the chance to wear, test and keep two outfits from the new Winter Puma Golf Wear range for 2017.

Winter Puma Golf Wear | The Participants


It was Ross Haughie (age 25) who was lucky enough to win our recent Golfposer Facebook competition and he invited along close friend Scott Fyfe (also age 25) to accompany him for the entire GP experience day.

Along with a round on the course which is set to host the 2018 Scottish Open, the pair were also treated to pre- and post- round hospitality at the impressive Gullane Members' Clubhouse followed by dinner, bed and breakfast at the stunning Greywalls Hotel & Chez Roux, Gullane.

Winter Puma Golf Wear | The Outfits

These two winter @pumagolf outfits are getting thoroughly tested at @gullanegolfclub1882 today ❄️?⛳️

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Both of our competition winners were provided Winter Puma Golf wear in the form of two outfits worth a cool £500 each. The outfits were designed to cover our two athletes from head to toe in Puma Golf with the primary purpose of protecting them from the cold October wind on the links of Scotland, while still remaining super comfortable with maximum freedom of movement in the golf swing. The outfits also looked modern and stylish too, as you can see with the script detailing below...

Ross Haughie - Outfit 1


Scott Fyfe - Outfit 2


Winter Puma Golf Wear | The Feedback

Now, onto the feedback from our two Puma Golf athletes for the day. We asked them a series of questions both on the golf course and in the clubhouse after with a request for open and honest answers to every question. Our questions are in italics followed firstly by Ross Haughie's response and then Scott Fyfe's.


What was your reaction to winning our Puma x Gullane Facebook competition?

RH: I was just amazed. I was actually on nightshift while working off-shore, so to wake up to the message was a great surprise. So many people entered the Facebook competition and you never really think you'll win these things!

SF: I couldn’t believe it either. I was on a flight back from Rome and had the message from Ross to say that he had won. It’s such a great prize you've put together with all this Puma kit to test and the hospitality provided as well.

What was your perception of Puma as a golf brand prior to today, what would be the first thing that springs to mind?

RH: It was a brand I never really considered to be fitting with my style, my perception was that they were always eccentric and 'out-there'.

SF: I'm probably the same, I would always closely associate Rickie Fowler with the brand.


Have you ever owned any Puma Golf products before?

RH: I haven’t got anything at all, no. It’s not through a dislike for the brand or anything like that, it’s more that I’m settled on wearing Nike and that’s what I’ve just stuck to over the years. It even comes down to my football and running stuff, I wear Nike for that too. I suppose it’s a trust thing, I know what I’m getting with the brand and never have any problems.

SF: I do actually, I’ve got a really light wind jacket sort of thing which is fine for the likes of a summer evening on the course - but it’s not the warmest to wear. I do like the brand for other sports, too.

Do you have any other favourite golf brands?

RH: I wear a lot of Nike for most of the sports I do and the trainers I wear.

SF: I don’t have any real loyalty to any particular brands, but I like Adidas.


What were your first impressions of the products you received?

RH: I liked the finer details, like the shirt gripper in the waistband of the trousers. The shirt feels slim fitting which is my style, I would definitely wear that all year round. The jacket looked stylish and felt good to try on.

SF: I thought the fit was brilliant, first of all. I'm quite an awkward shape, so to find everything fitting perfectly was very surprising. You can feel the quality in it as well.

Do you like the outfits we have chosen for you?

RH: I'm more of a low-key kind of guy, so the outfit you guys picked out for me was absolutely perfect. The black and grey work well togehter and to be honest, I would have been more than happy with any of Scott's items too. It all seems to be versatile enough to wear together.

SF: I like the colours and the styling, yeah. I'll get a lot of use out of the jacket and the accessories for sure.


Would you have considered Puma as one of the best winter golf brands before today?

RH: To be honest, I wouldn’t really have considered Puma before now - I don’t know why. Obviously, I was well aware of the brand but I wouldn’t have thought to buy any of it for winter golf. I suppose I still have the mindset that the brand is 'for summer' with bright colours & patterns worn by the likes of Rickie Fowler over the years.

SF: I wouldn’t have, no. I didn’t even really know they offered much in the way of winter clothing. I was surprised to see all the accessories that we got, especially.

What kind of winter golf apparel do you wear just now?

RH: Well, for a day like today I would have worn an RLX wind lined sweater that I have. I don’t really own an outright winter golf jacket. I would usually be put off by winter golf if it was seriously cold and windy, but I suppose if you're well equipped then it makes all the difference.

SF: For Winter? I would probably go for Under Armour. I own a couple of pieces like the base layers and a mid layer...


So, what do you think of the Puma PWRWARM Extreme jacket which we have given you?

RH: I’m really surprised, I feel like I’m at the perfect temperature. It’s great how the arms are just a regular stretch fabric but all the warmth is at the core. It’s a bitterly cold wind out here today but it feels like it’s done the job for sure. We caught a light shower early on and the rain just bounced off the fabric, which was ideal. And it’s only £120? For something with Primaloft, that’s great value I think. It actually looks more substantial than most other hybrid golf jackets which I’ve seen.

SF: I love it, actually. It's funny because I wouldn’t even really wear jackets on the course at all - even when I really, really should. I don’t like them being so restrictive and noisy but this one feels so good; it’s got all the freedom of a jumper. I get the concept, it makes so much sense and I’ve seen others out there but Puma have executed this really well - especially for the money.


Did you notice the difference in warmth with these Puma PWRWARM pants in comparison to regular trousers? 

RH: To be honest, no. I don’t think it’s particularly been cold enough today for the PWRWARM element to really take effect. It’s not something I would have said I needed, I've never felt like my legs have been particularly cold on the course but then, maybe I haven't played in cold enough conditions before. They fit great through the leg and do feel really substantial, though. I like the shirt gripper especially - I’ve never had that on a pair of trousers.

SF: I like them, I think they protect you from the wind pretty well, even though they weren’t thoroughly tested in these temperatures. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that they were 'winter specific' which is good. The stretch waistband is so comfortable and helped because I have a really awkward waist size.


And the Puma Warm Base Layer shirt, is that providing you extra warmth? Does it feel restrictive at all?

RH: I’ll be honest, it did feel a bit tight and strange to begin with but maybe that’s because I’m not used to wearing base layers at all. I did consider taking it off halfway round, but then the wind picked up and temperatures dropped slightly. I think it's a great piece, I pretty much forgot that I was wearing it. It wasn't until I came into the changing room and took it off that I noticed just how much warmth it was giving.

SF: It's been good, I can definitely feel the benefit. I'm wearing the white one under the blue polo shirt and I think it looks cool as well. It's a nice fit, not restrictive at all. I think it gave me pretty similar warmth to my other Under Armour one.


How are the Puma winter golf accessories? Do you feel like they're helping you to stay warm in every way possible? 

RH: Yeah, they definitely make a difference out here in the cold links wind. I kind of forgot I was even wearing some of them! The snood is comfortable and has this little toggle to make the fit a bit more secure; it’s great for closing the gap between your neck and polo shirt. The mitts feel amazing inside, too.

SF: As I mentioned earlier, I didn't realise that Puma even produced so many winter accessories. I've found them to be really useful, the snood looks quite cool and I'll probably wear this off the course this winter too. It all matches the outfit pretty well.

Can you choose a favourite item from what we gave you?

RH: Probably the jacket, for me. I really liked the Disc shoes, too. I was amazed at how comfortable they were straight out of the box.

SF: I completely agree. For the apparel, my favourite piece was the jacket but I was so surprised by the shoes as well. When I come round to buying another pair of shoes, Disc shoes will definitely make the shortlist.

What did you think of the course, can you pick a favourite hole?

RH: It's so hard to pick just one, but my favourite hole is probably #9. It's only a short par three but it's so inviting yet so tricky. I love Gullane, all three courses are always in tip top condition but the No. 1 course is the must-play. It was nice to beat Scott in our little match-play head to head, too!

SF: There’s so many to choose! I liked all the par five holes but for me, it's got to be hole #7 with the steps up to the tee and then the panoramic views of the East Coast. It's a great risk/reward hole down the hill, but that view is just exceptional. The course itself was in mint condition for this time of year and especially for the weather we've had, it's really impressive.


Winter Puma Golf Wear | The GP Experience

A huge thank you to both Ross and Scott for their detailed and honest feedback, who both went on to enjoy a sublime dinner at the Chez Roux restaurant followed by an overnight stay at the iconic Grey Walls Hotel in Gullane (below).


Thanks also to the staff at Gullane Golf Club and Greywalls hotel for their welcoming hospitality once again. We would highly recommend a visit to either, should you be lucky enough to travel to the East Coast of Scotland!

Follow this link to shop the entire Winter Puma Golf Wear collection online at Golfposer or view the key products tested here:

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