Winter Golf Trousers Style Guide for 2014

Winter golf trousers are very much a trend for this season and here we outline the key styles from brands such as Hugo Boss and Puma Golf for AW14.


It's cold outside, so you throw on an extra layer and a jacket to go and play your golf - that makes sense. You might stick a pair of winter mitts in your bag and a warm golf hat on your napper - that would make sense too. What doesn't make sense is why you would continue to wear your regular golf trousers when the weather is that cold outside. It's unfeasible to wear an extra pair of trousers - the restriction we would have when walking 18 holes would be unbearable to endure. Instead, it would make much more sense to invest in a pair of warm golf trousers specifically developed for winter golf - with heavier fabrications and technical details which ensure total warmth without compromising on comfort and performance. Almost every brand has introduced a form of winter golf trousers for AW14 and the following are some of the key styles to look out for.

The Hivos Pants - Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss golf trousers are some of the most sought after styles in the game and once you try a pair on, it's very easy to understand why. The Hivos are their chosen style for Autumn/Winter 2014 which feature a much thicker and warmer fabric which still provides comfort and breathability, whilst the styling and fit of the trousers is quite superb. Quality, comfort, reliability - the Hivos encapsulate every aspect of Hugo Boss in a golf trouser.

The Neason Trousers - Galvin Green


Made using the award-winning Ventil8 technology, the Neason golf trousers from Galvin Green are heavyweight and durable, whilst they also feature a slim fit for a stylish finish. Black, gunmetal and midnight navy feature in order to match in well with the latest golf collection, whilst the Neason have also been designed with the Multi-Layer Concept in mind for ease of throwing on some waterproofs over these warm golf pants.

The Winter Tech Pants & Lux Warm Pants - Puma Golf


A couple of options come from Puma and Puma LUX for Autumn/Winter 2014 - the winter tech pants are technical and very comfortable to wear whilst the LUX warm pants feature a tapered fit for that slight increase in sophistication. Both styles fulfil their purpose perfectly and are available in either grey or black styles.

The Drew Pants & Brent Winter Chinos - Oscar Jacobson


Oscar Jacobson were once well renowned for their golf trousers and although the focus has slightly shifted towards outerwear, their offering of winter golf trousers is still well worth a look. The key style to look for is the Brent which is available in plain black and a very subtle tartan plaid design, whilst there is also a winter weight chino trouser (Brent) which is unique to the latest OJ collection.

The Fall Weight Pants - Adidas Golf


Finally, the fall weight golf trousers from Adidas are perhaps the most affordable and best value on the market. Two colours are available (lead grey and black), whilst a water repellent Hydrophilic finish makes these trousers ideal to wear for winter.


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