Warm Winter Golf Accessories 2014

An essential guide to preparing yourself for winter golf and the cold conditions you will experience!


We all know how important winter golf is for putting in the hours of practice and honing our games ready for next season - but we also know just how bitterly cold and uncomfortable winter golf can be. Preparing your wardrobe for these particularly cold conditions is just as essential as winter golf itself and investing in some key products such as a warm winter golf beanie hat, a performance scarf and winter golf gloves will ensure you can still enjoy the game, despite the reduced temperature. Our following product guide picks out the best winter accessories from across the Autumn/Winter collections for 2014.

Winter Golf Beanies

A warm winter hat is probably the most important accessory for golf in cold conditions. Galvin Green, being based in Sweden, are winter golf specialists and their accessories range is always a great choice to invest in. Three types of beanie hat feature for AW14: thermal insulation is provided with the Dan Insula hat (3 colour variants); a warm Windstopper lining is used to full effect in the Ben bobble hat (2 colours) whilst the brand new Beamon beanie brings an added element of design and also features the Windstopper lining (3 colours).



Oscar Jacobson knitted bobble hats are available in no short of four colours to match with almost any outfit, whilst also providing the warmth and comfort needed for winter golf.


The Oasis winter beanie is an option which uses high quality Merino wool from our new brand Icebreaker - whilst Puma and Oakley provide great value options with a range of styles highlighted below.


Warm Performance Snoods

Now, some may believe that a snood is non-essential for winter golf but this could not be further from the truth. Wearing something around the neck fills the gap to prevent heat escaping your body to provide warmth and comfort which you only really appreciate if you were to leave your snood in the bag for your next round. Snoods are the ideal scarf design for golf and with these options from Galvin Green and New Zealand based Icebreaker - you can be sure to find one which you love and which matches the rest of your outfit perfectly.



Winter Wrist Warmers

Now, if some people don't believe in snoods - even more won't believe in wrist warmers for golf. Au contraire, a quote from a survival website:

"You can lose 40 to 45 percent of body heat from an unprotected head and even more from the unprotected neck, wrist, and ankles."

The wrists radiate a lot of heat - attributed to the lack of insulation, or fatty tissue, hence covering them up and keeping them warm makes a big difference to your overall body temperature. At less that £15, they're well worth trying.


Winter Golf Gloves

Only one option, here. The Galvin Green Wind gloves - designed to be worn for 100% of your round - featuring the revered Windstopper lining. The only winter gloves you need, really.



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