Victor Dubuisson - Hugo Boss Tour Looks

Here, we take a look at some of Victor Dubuisson's best (and worst) looks from the season - highlighting the importance of a consistent and coherent golf wardrobe!

We first saw Victor Dubuisson wearing Hugo Boss at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship earlier in 2015 and we have since seen an array of tour looks from the eccentric Frenchman. Joining the likes of Martin Kaymer, Henrik Stenson and Mikko Ilonen as brand ambassadors for one of the most iconic menswear labels in the world, Victor Dubuisson is a great fit for Hugo Boss and has been wearing the signature BHB logo throughout the season.

Victor Dubuisson - The Best

We begin at the Masters earlier this year, a quite classic look in all-black but with a smart Hugo Boss belt to match with the print shirt design. It was early in Victor Dubuisson's Hugo Boss career - a time when he played it a little safe with his outfits.

Another look where the HB Balwinn belt makes all the difference, this time seen at the WGC Cadillac event. We love the simplicity of pairing black with white, but you have to get the balance right and Victor manages this well.

The Open de Espana was the first time we really saw Victor Dubuisson playing with colour and we think he managed to pull it off effectively at this stage of the season. These two looks are on the verge of 'trying too hard' but a man with Victor's panache makes them both work.

And then Victor Dubuisson nailed the Hugo Boss look. Introducing a colour as bright as the Granita pink can be tricky, but the white/navy Paule Pro shirt was the perfect match seen here at the US Open. Keep an eye out for Victor's "how not to wear granita" guide later in the post...

A really well constructed look from Victor Dubuisson here at the BMW International Open, matching the Paddy Pro 5 shirt with an all over print and contrast pop colours with the aqua trousers. One of his best.

We love these slim fit Hakan 7 trousers, a shade of blue which is actually much more versatile than they may appear. This fresh outfit features the Paddy Pro 1 shirt in white/navy.

And this time matched with black, which may not have been the most obvious choice but we love the combination. Our only issue is that Victor should have switched around the Balwinn belt since it's black on the reverse!

Victor Dubuisson - Worst

Experimenting with colour doesn't always go too smooth. On a handful of occasions we have seen Victor Dubuisson go a little bit wayward with his colour combinations and for balance, we felt we had to call him out for them. Hopefully the following looks highlight the importance of building a consistent and coherent wardrobe - making outfits easier to mix and match!

A look with different shades of orange here, mixed with a navy Paule Pro shirt, a black/grey striped belt and black golf shoes. One to forget.

We feel a little bit hesitant to include this look here but it's just a bit too much pink. We love the colour, but not as an all-in-one. Henrik Stenson has done his best to look like a smurf and Barney the purple dinosaur in the past, here Victor is competing to look like the pink panther!

And the worst of a bad bunch. We understand that styling yourself is hard with all of the travelling around on the European Tour Victor, but really Victor? We'd much prefer you to wear the same look twice like you did at the Czech Masters if you're really struggling!

Where to next for Victor Dubuisson? We suggest taking a leaf out of Henrik Stenson's book and start wearing the new Hugo Boss Green Label range for Fall 2015!

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