TomTom Golfer GPS Watch - Technical Details 2015

TomTom Golfer GPS Watch - Technical Details 2015

We take a look at all the technical details you need to know about the brand new TomTom Golfer GPS Watch!

We all know how to improve our game as amateur golfers (whether we actually do it or not is another thing), but what if there existed something which could give you a little helping hand along the way? GPS golf watches have been all the craze and globally successful brand TomTom have now entered the market with their all-new TomTom Golfer GPS, but what makes these technical sports watches any better than anything else on the market, and are they actually worthwhile?


The main concept behind GPS Watches in golf is to give amateurs, just like you and me, all of the information which the professionals usually receive from their caddies, with precise yardages and course mapping available at a glance before you take your shot. How often have you been left scratching your head wondering how far it is to the back of the green? Or which club would give you enough to avoid that greenside bunker? A GPS watch like the TomTom golfer can tell you assist you with these decisions, having stored mapping data from over 34,000 courses worldwide and promptly tracking your position on the course throughout your round!


Unique graphics provide the exact positions for greens and associated hazards, whilst you can also see the yardages left to the front, centre and rear of the green. Remaining distances to lay-up points are also recommended, whilst any fairway hazards are mapped for you to avoid at all times. Stop and think the next time you're on the golf course, right there on your wrist could be all of the information you need for each and every shot, like your own personal caddie.

What's more, you can also enter your scores for each hole and track the distance and duration of your round - with storage capability for up to 20 rounds. Automatic next-hole recognition makes life straight forward; extra large display makes for easy reading all conditions whilst the waterproofing ability makes this just as usable in the UK as much as in sunny Florida.


With the technical details to one side, it's easy to see why we have chosen the TomTom golfer GPS watches as our favourite from the market simply with the aesthetic appeal. Lightweight (52g), slim and sophisticated to wear - the golfer GPS looks like a prremium sports watch with the quality silicone strap in either dark grey or white, finished with a fresh lime green trim. The scratch-resistant and highly durable display means that it won't tarnish with wear, whilst the strap itself is also very comfortable for use all day long.


A USB docking device is included in the package and the battery life lasts up to a considerable 10 hours in GPS mode. Wireless course updates from your affiliated smartphone 'MySports' app keeps all the technology up to date, whilst Bluetooth Smart connectivity also features. TomTom are a renowned for their GPS technology worldwide and we think they have launched something well worth considering to improve your game this season! Handy Youtube videos are all available to view online to educate you on the product furthermore, with one such video featured below:

All in all, we are highly confident that the TomTom Golfer GPS watch will become an essential part of your game this season and the £199.00 price tag is a very worthwhile investment. Team GP already have one each and the season hasn't even kicked off yet!


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