Tartan Golf Trews - Slanj New Arrivals

We have just added many more options to our range of tartan golf trews by Slanj of Scotland!

Tartan Golf Trews - New Additions


Above you can see a selection of the brand new tartan golf trews which have just been added online at Golfposer. These exciting new arrivals have been introduced to give you as much choice as possible when purchasing a pair of Slanj tartan golf trews, whilst you can also find a detailed guide on how best to place your order here.

Tartan Golf Trews - Golfposer Directory

Some of our favourites include the blue tones of Bath, Ancient Fraser and Holyrood - whilst the Dress MacKenzie tartan, Prince of Wales and Royal Stewart are already proving popular. These brand new tartans have been added to an existing database of around 30+ Scottish tartan golf trews - bringing our entire offering to a substantial range of 55. There are many more tartans out there, as we all know, so if there is a particular tartan that you cannot see online - do no hesitate to get in touch with the customer services at Golfposer.

Tartan Golf Trews - Made in Scotland

All of our Slanj tartan golf trews are made in Scotland, the home of golf. A factory in Glasgow takes your order and will have your bespoke tartan golf trousers made within a two week period - meaning you will have a perfectly fitted pair of tartan golf trousers delivered to your door by Golfposer very promptly indeed.

Tartan Golf Trews - Made to Measure

For peace of mind, we offer our customers a free first alteration with their tartan golf trousers. It would be great if we could get your trousers absolutely perfect the first time around though, so we recommend selecting your waist size based on the actual measurements of a great fitting pair of trousers which you already own. It's very common in menswear that trousers claiming to fit a waist size 34" do not actually measure 34" at the waistband!

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