Style Guide - Warm Winter Golf Clothing

Our style editors offer their expert opinion on how to stay warm on the golf course this winter.

Style Guide for Winter Golfers


Now, we know that our customers and eMAG readers are style savvy. And we also know that there are other 'style guides' out there which try to tell you what to wear, rather than suggest what to wear. Our winter style guide is intended to be exactly that; a selection of suggestions and new ideas which maybe you hadn't yet considered for wearing on the golf course this winter.

Winter golf comes with a certain stigma attached to it, especially here in the UK. We're looking to banish that stigma and hopefully convince you that we can all still put in some hard graft on the range, keep the swing consistent and sharpen up some of those elements which we neglected in summer. The cold weather and shorter days do not mean hibernation beckons for the next four months - not at all. "Getting out the door starts with throwing out the excuses."

Style Guide - Winter Trousers


We're going to flip this style guide on the up-side and begin with the lower half - because it's all about new ways of thinking, right? Winter golf trousers are something which many golfers might not consider necessary - but you really do feel the benefit on the golf course. A thicker fabrication without feeling like you're wearing three pairs of trousers at once, warm winter golf trousers are not a new concept but have certainly enjoyed a growth in popularity in recent seasons.

The great thing about winter golf trousers is that the price isn't hiked upwards as you might have suspected. Options include the Puma Warm pants, the Oscar Jacobson Drew WPS and the Galvin Green Neason pants with Ventil8 technology - each different in their own respects but each providing just the warmth and comfort you need this winter.

Style Guide - Winter Layers


Layers, layers, layers - it's the time of the year when we editors begin sounding a bit too much like Mary Berry. That being said, layers are the most important key for warmth on the golf course. We believe layering to be that integral that we've even re-structured our category layout to make browsing much easier with base layers, mid layers and outer layers all now featured!

We all know about golf base layers and what they're designed to do - but have you discovered Icebreaker merino base layers yet? A natural alternative to the skintight compression types from Galvin Green and Nike, the crew and quarter zip base layers from Icebreaker boast many more benefits other than just warmth. We even wear our Icebreaker tops off the course, walking the dog or for our morning run!

Style Guide - Mid Layers

Golf mid layers are essential for retaining heat on the golf course and you are certainly not short of options this Autumn/Winter. Great performance pieces are on offer from Puma with their new PWRWARM technology, originating in the Puma running design studio, whilst Galvin Green have long been established as winter golf specialists with their Insula range.

A host of golf knitwear styles are also available and some of our favourites include the Oscar Jacobson quarter zip sweaters and the RLX wind lined jumpers - whilst the Hugo Boss Zelchior Pro continues to dominate in this particular market. It's the most expensive piece and quite rightly so; the Zelchior Pro fabrication features an invisible water repellent coating which makes these sweaters highly durable, incredibly comfortable and signature Hugo Boss.

Style Guide - Outer Layers


Quilting is the trend of the season, without a doubt. Padded gilet jackets by Hugo Boss, quilted wool jackets from RLX and the Aeroloft outerwear from Nike all catch the eye, but have you noticed one of our new brands, Chervo?

Chervo is an Italian designer golf brand who actually started out producing ski-wear years ago and, as a result, their range of performance golf outerwear is quite exceptional. The quality is simply outstanding and there comes a point where words don't do Chervo golf clothing justice - you simply have to trust in our judgement and feel the difference for yourself. Earlier, we explained how it is now one of the most popular brands in Europe and Asia, whilst there's also a new range for SS16 coming online in the new year and it's one that our whole team are excited about!

Style Guide - Winter Accessories


Sometimes, golfers overlook the importance of the accessories they wear and this is never more detrimental than during the cold months of winter. Of course, a beanie hat will keep you warmer than a regular golf cap and winter golf gloves will fare better than your regular leather glove - but have you considered what to wear around your neck to stay even warmer?

Golf snoods are some of the most effective accessories for retaining warmth as it's an area of the body which many of us wouldn't consider important. Galvin Green have long been the king of the snoods with their Delta Insula, but there's a hot debate in our office as to whether or not the Icebreaker Apex is now the smarter option. It's a thick, merino based snood which we love the look and feel of - but it takes a lot to knock any Galvin Green accessory off its perch. We'll let you be the judge on this one.

Style Guide - Outfit Suggestions


We're confident enough that you know how to build an outfit and we would definitely encourage trying out the GP outfit builder, especially given your new ways of thinking. There's no need for us to suggest what goes with what; our only tip for winter would be to start intermixing brands more often. Why not try wearing a pair of Galvin Green winter trousers with a Chervo base layer, Hugo Boss Zelchior and Icebreaker snood? Don't be afraid to try something different;  so many of the winter products on offer mix and match with ease!

We hope this style guide will convert at least some of you into new winter golfers, persevering in excellence on the course ready for the new season. If not, we hope you enjoy heading up the rear at your next medal. Don't say we didn't warn you...

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