Slanj Tartan Golf Trousers 2014

Slanj tartan golf trousers are increasing in popularity so we thought to guide you on how best to wear a pair of these Tartan Trews this season!


Nothing exudes Scottish heritage more than a pair of tartan golf trousers. Slanj trews really are great to wear on the golf course as they all come with a classic regular fitting leg, which can be worn by pretty much every golfer for an effortlessly stylish outfit. Most would initially assume to wear a basic, solid and neutral coloured polo shirt with a pair of elaborate golf trousers but, while this is always a safe option, it does not necessarily ring true in every instance. An outfit featuring tartan golf trousers is actually very simple to put together; multiple colours in a tartan tend to open up a host of possible shirts to match!


It all depends on the tartan, too. For example, options such as the Kingdom of Fife, the MacBeth and MacDuff tartan (below, left) are all quite busy and would be ideally matched with a simple, solid golf shirt - whilst other styles such as the Blue Ramsey, County Fermanagh and the Mentieth tartans each have a greater degree of subtlety about them. Some tartans themselves can also be quite neutral in colour, with the Black Menzies a prime example below, and so we would suggest pairing these up with a bright shirt for a pop of colour.


Some of our favourite tartans from the 2014 collection include the Elliot Tartan, Hunting MacPherson and the Ancient Douglas whilst the Blue Ramsey has been perhaps the most sought after style this year so far. In terms of finding shoes to match, we would recommend a smarter pair of golf shoes to complete the look with options from Nebuloni and Ecco Golf fitting the brief perfectly. Remember, you can test out how your tartan golf trousers would look matched with other tops and shoes with the GP Changing Room!


Exclusively made in Scotland by the dedicated team at Slanj of Scotland, our range of Scottish tartan trews are all available with a made to measure service and generally take around two working weeks to be produced especially for you. Scotland & Scottish sport is well and truly in the limelight in 2014 and we have no doubt that this, including the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, is fuelling the surge in demand for tartan golf trews! Please note, if you have a special tartan request which is not showing in our tartan trouser selection, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team via email at


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