Ryder Cup 2014 Gleneagles - Friday Outfits

Find out what the players and coaches wore on Day One of the Ryder Cup 2014!

Team Europe

Let's begin with the Europeans, playing on home turf with the majority of the crowds firmly on their side. We actually like these royal blue, quarter zip sweaters, despite widespread criticism across the social media channels. We're probably biased, of course, but the Scottish Saltire across the right side is a nice touch.


It's a strange selection from Martin Kaymer, though. Matching waterproof trousers isn't a great look - you would think he was used to wearing quarter zip sweaters by now!


Don't get the wrong message though, we do like the waterproofs. Not quite as much as the Galvin Green Ryder Cup style though - namely because white isn't all too practical at Gleneagles 90% of the year!


And apparently Gleneagles in September feels more like the Arctic in December. A bit OTT from Paul McGinley!


Jamie Donaldson had the morning off - so we can excuse him for the hood-under-the-jacket look inspired by the anyone under the age of 12. He looks happy enough and that's all that matters, right?


Team USA

We'll start with Captain America himself - Tom Watson. Looks great - but you can't really go wrong with the Team USA colours though...


...or maybe you can. A quite frankly terrible choice of sweater on Friday for Team USA. A Christmas-come-Ryder-Cup style crew neck sweater which looks like a real 'last minute job' in our opinion. It must have been a European who designed these to embarrass the Americans into defeat - although the trousers are OK (just).


Why couldn't they all have just worn what Rickie Fowler opted for? The stylish Quilted Wool Jacket from RLX in Team USA colours. A cracking little outfit, that.


Phil Mickelson also recognised how ludicrous those golf jumpers are and braved the cold instead. A classic, solid shirt which combines well with the trousers. Nice detail on the base-layer sleeves, too.


Stay tuned for more of our Ryder Cup attire reviews worn at Gleneagles across the weekend!


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