RLX Camouflage Styles | Trending Looks 2020

Explore all of the RLX Camouflage items which come from the SS20 collection - helping to bring about one of the hottest trends of the season.

RLX Camouflage Styles | Trending


The camouflage print is one of the most dominant trends in golf wear and one which doesn't look like slowing up any time soon. Ralph Lauren is one of the key players who have helped to bring the Camo Print trend to fruition with all of the below styles arriving from the latest RLX range for Spring/Summer 2020.

RLX Camouflage Styles | Golf Jackets

The quilted coolwool jacket is one of the most popular styles in golf and its introduction back in 2015 proved that Ralph Lauren were well ahead of the game when it came to trends in golf wear. Shop this stunning new navy camouflage version below - one of the best looking quilted golf jackets we've seen.

RLX Camouflage Styles | Golf Sweaters

Most of the other RLX Ralph Lauren camo styles for 2020 are based on a stunning neutral grey colour palette. This knit hybrid sweater features a soft shell front which combines perfectly well with the high performance knit sleeves for the ultimate comfort on the course.

RLX Camouflage Styles | Golf Shirts

The Engineered Camo Jacquard polo shirt is an ever-present within the Spring/Summer RLX collections and we love the subtlety of this new option for SS20.

RLX Camouflage Styles | Golf Shorts

The same monochrome colour palette features within these new "Athletic" technical shorts - another silhouette which is tried and tested.

RLX Camouflage Styles | Golf Caps

Complete the look with the RLX Flexfit golf cap in the same camo print - another timeless option which will pretty much never go out of fashion.

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