Rickie Fowler Untucked Look | Casual Fridays by PUMA

The Rickie Fowler untucked look will return for "Casual Fridays" at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, held at TPC Scottsdale this February. Scroll down to read the full story.

Rickie Fowler Untucked Shirt | Phoenix Open


Rickie Fowler grabbed all the headlines back at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii last month and he is sure to do so once again on Friday at the Phoenix Open.

As announced today, Rickie is scripted to wear another untucked golf shirt to mark "Casual Fridays" at one of the most relaxed and enjoyable tournaments on the PGA Tour. For sure, it's an outfit choice which will turn heads and divide opinion, but we don't think Rickie will care too much about that...

Leaving your shirt untucked in a PGA Tour event is relatively unheard of - but it certainly does not break any official rules. Yes, there is a dress code, but there is no written rule to state that you cannot wear your polo shirt untucked. That important detail won't stop the armchair critics from voicing their opinions, but we're super confident that the amazing crowd at TPC Scottsdale will love it.

Rickie Fowler Untucked Polo | Full Button Knit

This particular button up is a product by PUMA Golf which has been specifically designed for wearing in this fashion; the curved hem and full button design still looks sophisticated and stylish when worn untucked.

The PUMA Golf knit shirt is one of our favourite styles from the latest Spring/Summer range for 2018. It marries up an outstanding performance knit fabric with a more relaxed, casual silhouette - a trend which is becoming ever more prevalent in the golf fashion scene.

Here finished in the peacoat navy colour way with a knit heather effect through the fabric, the style lends itself to being worn both tucked and untucked for a stylish look either way.

Rickie Fowler Untucked Outfit | PUMA P Cap


Rickie Fowler is scripted to complement the look with the PUMA Six Pocket pant which also utilises a heathered finish, most likely in the "white pepper" beige colour option.

As for footwear, Rickie Fowler might choose to wear the all new IGNITE PWRADAPT golf shoes or the spikeless PWRSPORT style which have both just arrived online at Golfposer this week.

Finally, Rickie Fowler will also be wearing the iconic Puma "P" logo cap but with a special twist. All this week at TPC Scottsdale, Rickie will be wearing a little photograph of Rickie alongside his "number one fan" Griffin Connell - who sadly passed away just last week. The pair first met at the very same tournament a few years prior and we think that this is such a fitting tribute to the young man and his special friendship with Rickie Fowler.

Rickie Fowler Untucked Outfit | GP Comment


Back in Maui, the general consensus was that Rickie's Aloha shirt from round one was appropriate because of the Hawaiian aesthetic and the more relaxed feel of that particular tournament.

This time around, it feels equally (if not even more so) appropriate for Rickie Fowler to wear the untucked look once again. The Waste Management Phoenix Open has such an incredible crowd who really do help to make the tournament what it is - and if anyone is going to embrace "Casual Fridays" then it will be each and every single one of those spectators.

The landscape of golf fashion is changing as more and more brands choose to blend performance and leisure wear, so we are fully on board with the untucked look that Rickie Fowler will wear at the Waste Management Phoenix Open later today. It's fresh and exciting - just like the tournament itself - which is what golf should be about.

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