Rickie Fowler Monoline Snapbacks | PUMA Golf 2019

PUMA Golf have released two limited edition golf caps - including the famous Rickie Fowler Monoline Snapback - to celebrate his ten year anniversary with the brand.

Rickie Fowler Monoline | PUMA Cap


On September 16th 2009, Rickie Fowler signed to wear PUMA Golf apparel, footwear and accessories on the PGA tour. On this very same day ten years later, PUMA have announced two more limited edition snapback golf caps to celebrate a decade of working together.

These two special golf caps showcase two of Rickie Fowler's most iconic headwear styles - both from very different parts of his career.

Rickie Fowler Monoline | Limited Edition


The first takes on the signature "Monoline" silhouette which was made famous by Rickie Fowler in the early part of his career. It features an outline of the PUMA Cat logo which continues around the flat brim, finished in a striking gold thread to contrast against the black cap itself.

The Rickie Fowler Monoline golf cap became a wardrobe staple for many of his fans around the world; the brand even launched a range of headcovers which adopted the same "Monoline" silhouette.

Rickie Fowler Monoline | P Logo


The second limited edition PUMA Golf cap reflects the evolution of Rickie's style preferences over the years. The new icon for Rickie Fowler & PUMA Golf is the "P Logo" - allowing for much more versatility and off-course styling.

This more subtle and sophisticated design has been a monumental hit over the last twelve months. Several limited edition P logo golf caps have come and gone;  but we think this might be the most stylish option yet.

Rickie Fowler Monoline | Buy Online

Along with the latest AW19 PUMA Golf Collection, you can now purchase both of these limited edition PUMA Golf caps online at Golfposer via the links below.

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