Rickie Fowler Masters Outfits - 2016 Puma Scripts

The Rickie Fowler Masters scripts are some of the most anticipated every year and 2016 has proven no different. Here we breakdown every Puma golf outfit which Rickie will wear at Augusta, showcasing every golf shirt, trousers and pair of golf shoes.

Rickie Fowler Masters 2016 -Scripts


Rickie Fowler's Thursday outfit at Augusta will pay homage to the Masters Green trend; a theme which many other top golfers are sure to follow. The fresh new colour from Puma called Green Gecko will be the key feature of this outfit, effortlessly paired with white Puma golf trousers. The Rickie Fowler Masters Thursday outfit consists of:

Puma Cobra-Branded Pounce Golf Shirt - Gecko Green
Puma Six Pocket Pants - White
Puma TitanTour Ignite Golf Shoes - White/Blue

Rickie Fowler Masters 2016 - Friday


Friday at The Masters will showcase a blue Rickie Fowler outfit, featuring the unique D-Vent golf shirt by Puma for 2016. We love this shirt with the ergonomic performance design, here matched well with the stylish tapered golf trousers from the Puma Tailored collection.

Puma D-Vent Golf Shirt - Surf the Web
Puma Tailored Elevation Pants - Black
Puma TitanTour Ignite Golf Shoes - White/Black

Rickie Fowler Masters 2016 - Saturday


Rickie Fowler's Saturday look will feature a signature Puma golf shirt appropriately named the Brush Stripe golf shirt. We love the freshness of the blue, white and green combination - effortlessly paired with white/blue/green TitanTour Ignite golf shoes.

Puma Brushstripe Golf Shirt - Surf the Web
Puma Six Pocket Pants - White
Puma TitanTour Ignite Golf Shoes - White/Blue

Rickie Fowler Masters 2016 - Sunday


Masters Orange Sunday will return with Rickie Fowler opting to wear the famous Vibrant Orange Puma golf trousers once again in 2016. Rickie has certainly been in the hunt on the final day of the Masters in recent years and we can't wait to see him wearing the D-Vent polo shirt in white, matched with the white/orange TitanTour Ignite golf shoes.

Puma D-Vent Golf Shirt - White
Puma Six Pocket Pants - Vibrant Orange
Puma TitanTour Ignite Golf Shoes - White/Orange

Rickie Fowler Masters 2016 - Puma Shoes


All that being said - we would be hugely surprised if the Rickie Fowler x Puma High Tops didn't feature within the Rickie Fowler Masters scripts this April. These high top golf shoes have gone down a storm in recent weeks and are now available to pre-order online at Golfposer and we think it's almost inevitable that Rickie will pull a pair of these out the bag on one day at the Masters 2016.

Rickie's Masters layouts unveiled. As sharp as ever ????????

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