Puma TRICKS Golf Shoes - The Players 2016

Please note - the Puma Tricks golf shoes have now sold out online at Golfposer. Stay tuned for more UK Exclusive styles in future!

Everything you need to know about the Puma Tricks golf shoes which will be worn by Rickie Fowler at the Players 2016 - encouraging you to have fun, play bold and play loud.

Puma Tricks Golf Shoes - The Story


Puma Golf are well known for their eccentricity. On many previous occasions, the brand have unleashed some of the brightest, boldest and most daring colours into the golf scene - but Puma Tricks might just be their most outlandish yet. Bright pink, bright yellow and black; the Puma Tricks golf shoes are wonderfully outrageous and are set to take centre stage at the Players Championship next month on the feet of the defending champion, Rickie Fowler.

The Puma Tricks campaign will be simply unmissable for many reasons. The Tricks Golf campaign will run in perfect harmony with Puma Football & Puma Running, with Puma endorsed footballers such as Cesc Fabregas, Marco Reus, Sergio Aguero and Marco Verratti wearing Puma Tricks on the pitch in the weeks ahead.

Initially inspired by Rigobert Song at the 1998 world cup who wore dual-coloured Puma KING boots to "be bold" - Puma Tricks footwear is intended to encourage fun through playing bold and playing loud. Puma Tricks shoes stand out like nothing else and now you can grab a pair of the golf shoe equivalent exclusively at Golfposer in the UK & Ireland.

Puma Tricks Golf Shoes - Rickie Fowler


Rickie Fowler already teased us all by wearing the Puma Tricks golf shoes during a media day at TPC Sawgrass - wearing an all black outfit to allow the shoes stand out in all their glory. They struck a chord with everybody present and twitter went mad for them - but it wasn't only the pink, yellow and black colour combination which had people talking. The fact that Rickie's shoes were alternate colours was considered equally daring - with some immediately drawing the comparison to Puma football, blissfully unaware of what was in the pipeline. The tactic is quirky and unusual - but it's not unheard of. We've seen alternate coloured golf shoes from Puma in the past and we certainly won't be surprised to see the tactic applied to more styles of Puma golf footwear soon enough.

Puma Tricks Golf Shoes - TitanTour Ignite


As for the physicality of the shoe - we already know that it's quite exceptional. Puma TitanTour Ignite footwear has offered been some of the most popular styles in recent memory and if you haven't already, you should read some of our genuine customer reviews on them here. The Puma Tricks golf shoes are yet another exclusive for Golfposer which means that you can't find these anywhere else in the UK and Ireland - whilst the quantity produced is also extremely limited. We're not saying you need these shoes - but we are saying that you definitely want them. And now would be a good time to #ChooseTricks before they disappear like magic.

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