Puma Titan Tour Golf Shoes - Review 2015

Puma Titan Tour Golf Shoes - Review 2015

We delve into the Titan Tour golf shoes, the new flagship style from Puma Golf for 2015!


It's 'Golf Shoe Season' right now - the time when almost every brand releases their fresh new 2015 styles and when golfers take the time to work out just which style will form the basis for their entire golfing wardrobe this season. It is an important decision and one which we know you take very seriously, so here is an exclusive first look at the Titan Tour from Puma Golf - a next generation shoe which is their crowning glory for 2015 and excels against anything which has gone before from the brand.


Last season, the Biofusion was a revelation for Puma Golf. This was all thanks to a new footwear development team who brought wholesale changes to the entire collection, with reliability perhaps the most telling improvement. For this season, the very same team have refined the design details and the look of the range with fresh new styles certain to dominate the market once again this year. The much-anticipated Titan Tour is the lead style and will be the key golf shoe as worn by Rickie Fowler in 2015.

Puma Titan Tour - The Technology


First and foremost, the newest technological revamp comes with pioneering 'Outlast' Technology, which provides the basis for the whole 'Titan Tour' campaign. Outlast Certified Space Technology™ is a borrowed concept from NASA, who originally employed the technology for temperature regulation in spacesuits. Puma have now brought this to their latest footwear style in the form of a sockliner top cloth, designed to actively manage heat and also moisture levels within the shoe during performance. Foot temperature is regulated through phase-change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.


'Ultimate Ground Control' was the ambition and Puma have certainly delivered in our expert opinion. Some of the key features include an ultra thin TPU power frame which provides lightweight strength and durability, greater flexibility and superior traction throughout the swing - matched by a new low-profile K5 cleat with increased wear-resistance. 'GripZone' elements on the sole provide more unrivalled traction and stability - whilst an additional change is the new 'debris-release' system, a clever sole design which prevents debris build up which would normally risk loss of traction with any other shoe.


New 'Power Vamp' technology provides anatomical support with increased flex across the forefoot, combining well with the previously mentioned Outlast technolgoy for increased comfort and temperature regulation. A new 'Shapelock' internal collar, tongue and sockliner provides a customised fit with the nature of the memory foam utilised, whilst the full-grain leather upper provides superb performance, durability and quality (two year waterproof warranty included).


Puma Titan Tour - The Look






Having explored the technical details, take a moment to appreciate the new look of the Puma Titan Tour. Staying true to their iconic sports-inspired designs, Puma feature the formstripe once more and complement this with contrast eyelets at either side for style as much as breathable functionality, whilst the 'power vamp' band runs across the forefoot and onto the in-step, to increase stability and also reduce stretch over time. The colour options available include classic white with vibrant orange, strong blue, Puma red, or black (above) - whilst the black and brown versions are two of the strongest from the range (below). A colour option for everyone.


Puma Titan Tour - In a Nutshell

- Lower profile
- Increased comfort
- Increased traction, with debris-release to prevent any loss during play
- Increased durability
- Same superb reliability
- Two year waterproof warranty
- Available to Pre-Order today at Golfposer

So, there you have it. The Puma Titan Tour is something which you will be hearing a lot more about as the season nears and we think there is a solid argument to invest in this style for 2015. Set to be worn throughout the year by Rickie Fowler, we think the Titan Tour is a cut-above anything Puma have released before - which is some seriously good praise!

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