Puma Ignite Review - TitanTour Golf Shoes 2016

After another major GP Test Pilot search, our three entrusted golf-enthusiast customers have now submitted their feedback on the Puma TitanTour Ignite golf shoes. Read each individual Puma Ignite review below with the test pilots' initials accredited beside each comment.

PUMA IGNITE TEST PILOTS NEEDED!We are looking for six people over our Facebook & Twitter pages to wear test the new...

Posted by Golfposer on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Puma Ignite Review - The Winners

Our search was conducted via our social media platforms and after a huge response, six lucky winners were chosen to wear-test and keep a brand new pair of Puma golf shoes in return for a genuine and honest Puma Ignite review.

First check-in from one of our PUMA Golf test pilots - looking forward to hearing how the TitanTour Ignites fare in the coming weeks!

Posted by Golfposer on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Three received the spikeless IGNITE shoes (eMAG review coming soon), whilst the three who have submitted their Puma Ignite review on the TitanTour golf shoes were: Ross McGill (RM), Adam McAteer (AM) and Nick Brookfield (NB). Here's their feedback...

Puma Ignite Review - The Feedback


What golf shoes do you normally wear?

AM: I currently rotate between last year's Puma Titan Tour shoes and Footjoy Icon wing-tips - but I also wear the older Puma versions of the AMP Cell Pro and the Cell Fusion shoes. As a big Puma fan, I have a very positive outlook when it comes to their shoes and the opportunity to write this Puma Ignite review saved me from having to buy them for the new season!

RM: I have a wide variety of shoes including Adidas Tour 360, Footjoy Dryjoy Tour and Ashworth spikeless shoes.

NB: I normally opt for Adidas golf shoes - simply because they fit me so well.

What were your thoughts on the TitanTour IGNITE shoes prior to becoming a GP Test Pilot?

AM: I really liked the Ignites when they were released. Puma have had a few versions over the last couple of seasons that were a bit too sporty for my liking, so I was pleased to see some more classic colour options for this season. They have a great look and I really like the leather and colour combos. Since I already have the white/blue, I think the orange are a stand-out style and I look forward to getting my hands on a pair soon.

RM: Before entering to become a Test Pilot for Golfposer, I liked the styling of the TitanTour Ignite shoe with some nice bright colours available.

NB: I liked the look of the Puma shoe, nothing too fussy and elaborate but at the same time they look very clean and sharp.

Have you ever tried Puma golf shoes before?

AM: Too many pairs! I own five Puma styles at the moment!

RM: I have always wanted to try a pair of shoes however always ended up going with the generic Footjoy or Adidas choices.

NB: I've never owned a pair of Puma golf shoes before but I have tried a pair on almost three years ago. My impression back then was that they were too heavy and bulky as if they were almost over-engineered.

What were your first impressions upon receiving your IGNITE shoes?

AM: They looked great with the premium leather upper and different textures throughout. I felt a bit like a secret agent with the cover letter and instructions inside the GP Branded envelope too!

RM: When I first got the Ignite shoes delivered to me I was surprised at how soft the leather was on the shoes. It was as if they had already been broken in and I had a feeling that I needn't worry about the dreaded first-round blisters wearing brand new shoes.

NB: The blue & green colours are quite unique and I received several positive comments in my first few rounds.

Puma Ignite Review - The Testing

Where and how often have you been wearing your new IGNITE shoes?

AM: Due to the inclement weather I have only worn the shoes 3 times - twice at the range, and once on the course.

RM: I have been wearing my shoes at my home course at Cochrane Castle Golf Club in Strathclyde and also a few of my friends' courses locally. I have played approximately six rounds in the shoes to give them a real test and also to regain some kind of swing before the season starts (well, one can dream!).

NB: The shoes were first put to the test on the range but they have recently seen action on both links & parkland golf, as well as a few outings on the practice ground. All in all they've probably been in about a dozen times now & I'm thoroughly impressed with them so far.

How did they compare to any other golf shoe you've owned before?

AM: As promised, my shoes were comfortable from the moment I started wearing them. I haven't had any trouble getting the leather softened and haven't had any issues with breaking the shoes in. I noticed as well that these were a bit lighter than the 2015 Titan Tour style; having owned many Puma styles in recent years it is very noticeable how much lighter the shoes become with each new model.

RM: I found the shoes extremely comfortable from the moment I put them on.

NB: These felt great from day one and the same can't be said for some of my previously owned golf shoes from other brands!

Puma Ignite Review - Key Features

One of our PUMA Golf Titan Tour Ignite Test Pilots trying his new shoes out for the first time.

Posted by Golfposer on Friday, 29 January 2016

What did you notice about the weight of the shoes?

AM: As noted, they are lighter than the previous model. At the same time they were still nice and sturdy.

RM: They were very lightweight however they still gave great stability and traction from the sole.

NB: Super light. I passed them around some of my playing partners and they were all equally amazed.

Could you feel the difference in terms of traction, stability and walk-in comfort?

AM: Yes - the shoes felt really good and grippy, nice and sturdy too. As before, they were straight on and no problems with comfort straight from the box.

RM: Compared to other shoes, I have I found they gave me a lot more grip from the studs without collecting and retaining too much grass on the sole. I found the shoes comfortable to walk around in and my feet were definitely happy about that.

NB: They are so comfortable right out of the box, soft uppers and light weight. The sole design also feels stable when trying to squeeze the big stick a few extra yards.

Did they provide the full waterproof protection, as promised?

AM: Yes - so far, so good!

RM: Thanks to the "gorgeous" Scottish winter weather, I got to test the full waterproof protection of the shoes and my feet were just as dry when I finished as when I started. Could not be happier with the ability these shoes had to almost repel the water.

NB: Here comes my only negative on these shoes. I had a question mark over the shoes waterproof ability during one of my rounds. Granted, the last month of rain has left us with some sodden courses, but I did notice my feet slightly wet on a couple of occasions. On a more positive note, the TitanTour Ignite shoes come with a two year waterproof guarantee and the team at Golfposer have already replaced my faulty pair!

How were your feet feeling in the hours after each round?

AM: Fine - no issues to report and I don't anticipate any in future!

RM: After I had finished my round, my feet didn’t feel as though I had been walking for many miles around the terrain of the course. I felt as if I had merely went for a wander down to the local shop.

NB: To my surprise, they felt great. Walk in comfort, straight out of the box after a hard day on the links of Dunbar.

What was your favourite thing about the shoes?

AM: That they weren't released when I got them. I am a big golf geek regarding equipment and clothes. It was really cool getting my hands on the shoes before they were on retail. I love the shoes and they really prove that Puma are making big steps in the golf market. They are my favourite brand and I think that they are getting more and more popular with every season - although I think the new Puma High Tops are a step too far for my tastes!

RM: My favourite thing about the shoes was how light they were but also being able to keep the comfort provided.

NB: The comfort levels were fantastic and I couldn't quite believe how lightweight the shoes were. I was probably most satisfied with the level of service provided once the team knew my shoes had slightly let in.

Puma Ignite Review - Summary


Please rate the following out of 10:

AM: 9
RM: 10
NB: 9

AM: 9
RM: 10
NB: 9

AM: 10
RM: 10
NB: 7

AM: 10
RM: 9
NB: 10

Would you recommend Puma golf shoes to any of your golfing buddies?

AM: Of course, as always. I tend to be the only one that is loud enough for Puma so I like to keep their gear to myself!

RM: I would definitely recommend Puma shoes to my friends and I now think I will be a Puma convert for my golf shoes from now on.

NB: As it stands, I think I would recommend Puma golf shoes to any of my golfing buddies.

Anything more to add?

AM: I just want to say thanks again for the opportunity and I have really enjoyed being able to voice my opinion on the shoes and report for Golfposer.

RM: The Puma TitanTour Ignite golf shoes have been a welcome addition to my golf collection and I'd really like to thank Golfposer and Puma for entrusting me with the Test Pilot review.

NB: I thought the TitanTour Ignite shoes were first class, despite the slight negative comment around waterproof issues. I was not expecting an exchange on them and I was really surprised at being offered the swap by Golfposer so I feel feel it's only right that I highlight their customer care. As a test pilot, I considered this to be well above & beyond the sort of customer care expected - but this is just typical of the service you get every time you purchase from Golfposer. Keep up the good work!

There you have it, three genuine customer Puma Ignite reviews and only one minor issue which has since been resolved. Our very own style editor submitted his Puma Ignite review earlier in the season which you can read with the eMAG here.

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