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Puma Golf Shoes: Essential Golf Wear!

The golf shoe is arguably the most important piece of apparel you need on the golf course. The average distance walked on an 18-hole course is 5 miles, even forgetting any treacherous hills you may encounter. The shoe is also a crucial part of a good golf swing – providing a base for grip and stability. We all need to look good on the course and a trendy pair of golf shoes finishes off any outfit perfectly. Therefore the best golf shoes must be comfortable, functional and stylish – everything that a Puma golf shoe has!

Golfposer stock a variety of golf shoe styles by Puma Golf – all of which contain the very intelligent ‘SMARTQuill®’ technology. This revolutionary technology features TPU spikes that are specifically positioned at certain angles that customise traction throughout the backswing, through the downswing and into the follow-through. The spike system is designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible, whilst the spikes themselves can easily be removed and replaced when required. All of our men’s Puma Golf shoes incorporate a fast-twist locking mechanism which allows the cleats to be removed with just three anti-clockwise clicks. This also means that the spikes will always be in the correct position when manually put back on with three clockwise clicks. This technology is ideal for extending the durability of your Puma golf shoes – since a pack of 16 replacement spikes can be bought inexpensively from Golfposer!

The first golf shoe we will look at is the massively popular Puma Cell Fusion and new Cell Fusion 2! The original Cell Fusion – a golf shoe made famous by Puma star Rickie Fowler – has an upper that consists of full grain leather and synthetic microfiber leather, which is both water resistant and breathable. The midsole contains EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) technology which is a blown microcellular material providing a lighter and flexible fit around the centre of the shoe. Puma have also incorporated iCell technology into the Cell Fusion which provides optimum shock absorption and stability throughout the golf swing! This iCell technology features in the heel and forefoot, containing an array of hexagonal inner cell components for extra cushioning. Inside the shoe is a treated lining at the foot-bed cover for temperature control and anti-microbial properties for maximum freshness, comfort and breathability. To finish off this technologically advanced golf shoe, Puma have added extra TPU teeth into critical areas on the sole for added grip – not forgetting the SMARTquill® technology used with every Puma golf shoe!

The Puma Golf Cell Fusion 2 – a new style for this season – brings the original Cell Fusion on a step further and features a new upper, with high frequency welded quarter panels in the saddle and heel areas giving extra support to the foot. Both styles come with a 2-year waterproof guarantee which ensures that the Cell Fusions are the best of the best.

The Cell Fusion is available in white/orange; white/silver and black/black.
Cell Fusion 2 is available in white/silver/orange; black/white; graphic style and the funky A/W ’11 Puma Special Edition black paint splatter design.

Next we will take a look at the Puma Harpia style! These incredibly comfortable golf shoes feature an upper of full grain and synthetic microfiber leather – with a 2- year waterproof guarantee like the Cell Fusions! The Harpia also has the EVA midsole which provides greater ease of movement and flex in the forefoot. The exclusively designed TPU outsole of course has SMARTquill® technology and also has the extra teeth in specific areas to provide greater grip and traction throughout your golf swing. Look good and feel better with the Puma Harpia golf shoe – which comes in white/black/red or black/black!

The Puma Popart 86 arose from a combination of design language from Puma’s RS100 running shoe and the motorbike inspired Club 917. The result is a trendy golf shoe which is sporty, smooth and functional too. The SMARTquill® cleat technology is this time complimented by idCell technology which is a low-density cushioning unit which provides added protection through increased shock-absorption. The midsole board reinforces stability and provides support where the foot needs it most, whilst the foot-bed is perforated for extra breathability. The Popart 86 comes with a 1-year waterproof guarantee and is available in white/orange and also black/grey.

The Puma Jigg is arguably one of the most comfortable golf shoes around. The Jigg provides extra stability to the golf swing through an intelligent external TPU shank, alongside greater protection at the toe with a stylish reinforced, high abrasion toe-guard. The foot-bed again uses EVA technology and the Jigg comes with a 2 year waterproof guarantee so it isn’t just a pretty face! The Jigg comes in white/silver, white/orange and black/white!

Finally, we will take a look at the previously mentioned Puma Club 917. These golf shoes are favoured by Swedish golfer Johan Edfors – and it’s no wonder, these shoes look the business! With the design inspired by the Puma Motorsport collection, wearing a pair of Club 917s on the course feel like you are wearing your favourite trainers! The smooth looking shoe uses SMARTquill® technology and also uses the idCell technology that features in the Popart 86. EVA technology is also present for a flexible fit, whilst the perforations also increase breathability. A 1-year waterproof guarantee caps this shoe off as a must have in your golf locker! The club 917 is available in black/white/red; white/black/blue and also stylish blue/yellow.

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Look better; feel better; play better with Puma Golf & Golfposer!

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