Puma Golf High Tops - Where to Buy in 2016

We give you the low down on the retail availability of the Puma Golf High Tops and cuffed golf pants along with a feature interview with the lead designer of these controversial golf shoes.

Puma Golf High Tops - The Hype


It's safe to say the golfing world went slightly mad over the Puma Golf high tops as worn by Rickie Fowler in the month of January; none more so than when he won the prestigious Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. And "mad" is the perfect word to describe the reaction: it was "mad" how much of a response the shoes actually generated and it was "mad" how they polarised opinion to such extremes. Many Puma Golf followers went fanatically "mad" for Rickie's high tops, but they also made a lot of golf traditionalists incredibly "mad" for the wrong reasons - infuriated that the high tops on Rickie Fowler's feet were even in existence. "Mad" they may be - but these high top golf shoes are in existence and will be available for purchase this year, as announced at the PGA Show, reigniting the debate which was still smouldering away after Rickie's win just days before.


The Puma golf high tops will be available in a full retail capacity come June 2016. A single colour way of white/black was introduced at the PGA Show in Orlando this week and we are extremely pleased to confirm that Golfposer will have a limited number of pairs available for purchase online this Summer. We anticipate the RRP to be in the region of £149.

Puma Golf High Tops - Worn by Rickie Fowler

GP eMAG - Our style editor gives an in-depth look at Mr Fowlers now infamous High Tops and Joggers! GP

Posted by Golfposer on Monday, 25 January 2016

Earlier this week, our lead style editor proposed his take on Rickie Fowler's new look with the Puma golf high tops and cuffed pants, or 'joggers' for some. An interesting read and an approach which looks at the bigger picture and not just the aesthetic appeal of the shoes themselves.

Puma Golf High Tops - Designer Interview

Further media exposure for these controversial golf shoes came from the Golf Channel this week, who managed to secure an interview head of footwear, Grant Knudson, at the PGA Show 2016. Some interesting insights and well worth a watch above.

Keep tabs on the Golfposer eMAG and new arrivals page for news of the Puma Golf high tops and how you can get your hands on a pair via pre-ordering online - ready to deliver in Mid-June 2016.

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