Puma Disc Golf - Technology in Footwear 2016

As anticipated, Puma have now introduced DISC technology in golf footwear for 2016. Shop the latest styles of Puma Disc Golf Shoes online at Golfposer here.

With the recent re-launch of Puma Disc technology in running shoes, our style editor poses the question of whether this innovative lacing mechanism might just make its way into golf footwear soon.

Puma Disc - Coming to Golf Footwear?


We've seen it before - the crossover between Puma running and Puma golf. It happened in the clothing department with PWRWARM technology; it happened in the shoe department with IGNITE cushioning technology. You could even argue that some of the spikeless Puma golf shoes from seasons gone by were inspired by Puma running shoes.

So it begs the question, when will Puma DISC technology arrive in golf footwear? The brand have just launched a campaign with Usain Bolt as the star name wearing Puma Disc running shoes in the wake of the Olympics in Rio, re-introducing the patented technology which first debuted all of 25 years ago. Two brand new styles have been unveiled, including the Ignite Disc sneaker, and given the success of previous sneaker-inspired styles within the golf footwear collection - it would be reasonable to assume that another crossover may just be on the cards.

Puma Disc - Lacing Mechanism


So, what is Puma Disc technology? At a very basic level, it's a different way to fasten your shoes. The clever part is how the Puma Disc lacing mechanism is designed and the clear benefits which is provides the wearer. First launched in 1991 and worn by gold-medal winning athletes such as Colin Jackson and Heike Drechsler, Puma Disc technology uses robust yet flexible wiring which offers a snug, uniform, wrap-like fit around the entire mid-foot. This can be quickly fastened with ease by the simple twist of the dial on top of the foot, which also features an updated lightweight and more aesthetic design itself.

Puma Disc - Ignite Shoes


As mentioned, the Puma Disc technology has now been introduced to Ignite running shoes and even the world's fastest man will be using the lacing system on his way to (almost inevitable) glory in Rio with the EvoSpeed running spikes. If it's a system that's good enough for the world's best athletes - it's most definitely good enough for Rickie Fowler and the other Puma Golf athletes. Will it happen? We can only wait and see.

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