Miguel Angel Jimenez winning in Spain has inspired our latest top five list of 'Cool Golfers Over Fifty'!


1 - Miguel Angel Jimenez

He is, without a doubt, the coolest 'old golfer' in the world. The Rioja loving, cigar smoking 50 year old just broke his own record by becoming the oldest European Tour event winner in history - winning his home Spanish Open at the 27th attempt. The lovable Spaniard ensured he made all the back pages today with his victory by puffing on his big Havana Cigar at the same time as lifting the trophy; his charisma is adorning and his light-hearted take on the game is impossible to dislike. It would appear that Miguel Angel Jimenez throws the rules of modern golf out the window but don't be fooled, his unorthodox warm-up routine includes moves which even the most flexible of yoga-partakers would be proud of. You can find plenty of 'how to' videos for the Jimenez routine online - with the cigar optional!


2 - Gary Player

Everybody loves Gary Player. One of very few players to have won the grand slam of all four major championships, this golfing icon will forever remain in the hearts of many golf fans and we love how much he gets involved on twitter. It might not be Gary himself tweeting to his 130k+ followers on every occasion, but we love the thought of the 78 year old retweeting and favouriting everyone's tweets from his iPhone - so we'll just pretend it is!


3 - Fred Couples

Fred, Freddie, Frederick, Boom Boom. Call him what you like, Fred Couples is still a prominent PGA Tour golfer and we love his enthusiasm for the game. A major winner, a hall of fame inductee, a golf course designer - it would be easy for Freddie to give up playing on the PGA and Champions Tour at the age of 54 but that's not an option for this self-proclaimed 'sports junkie'. He is also widely considered to be the first man to introduce spikeless footwear to golf. Fred Couples, trend-setter.


4 - Jesper Parnevik

OK, we know Jesper has not quite hit the 50 mark yet (he is 10 months shy), but we felt the need to include him on our cool list any way. Renowned for his unique style in his earlier years for constantly flipping the peak of his cap upwards, the Swede was chosen as one of the key endorsers for the new Puma LUX brand - a more stylish and tailored range which launched earlier in 2014. He constantly tweets selfies from the course along with a variety of bicycle trips with the family and just generally oozes style!


5 - Arnold Palmer

And finally, who can forget Arnie? The first man to really develop a sense of golfing style and make golf 'cool'. The first golfing superstar, his influence on the game is undeniable and we often wonder where we would be today if Palmer and his loyal 'Arnie's Army' never came along. A true gentleman of the game.


Have we missed anyone that you think should be included? Let us know!