Oakley Prizm Golf Sunglasses - The Technology

Introducing Oakley PRIZM golf sunglasses - the new eyewear technology which has been especially developed for golfers.

Oakley Prizm Golf Sunglasses - The Origins

Oakley are renowned worldwide for their technically advanced eyewear and are the most popular brand of sunglasses in the game, without question. Always looking to push the boundaries and innovate year upon year, the Oakley designers have now released PRIZM - the most impressive and best performing lens for athletes to date. A concept which was originally in development for the US Military, the revolutionary Prizm technology has been 15 years in the making and is the result of incredibly thorough research and detailed analysis on the theory of how we see and preceive images, the intricate biology of the human eye and the physical mechanics of light waves - all in an effort to improve and tailor the contrast of what we see in specific sporting contexts, such as on the golf course.


Oakley Prizm Golf Sunglasses - How They Work

The Oakley development team have spent years learning how to manipulate and control particular light waves to control those which can pass through the Prizm lens and which ones get absorbed by the protective lens. Rather than simply blocking the harmful UV rays, the Prizm lens has been developed to take away all of the "bad light" which hinders and obscures the detail in our vision - only permitting the light which our eye is most sensitive to and provides us with the highest level of clarity. Think of the Prizm lens as providing a super HD visionary experience which even works in low-light, perfect for the UK consumer.

Oakley Prizm - Golf Specific

Onto what we all want to know; how will Prizm improve our game on the golf course? The significant increase in contrast which you receive through the Prizm lens is quite exceptional and has been specifically catered for golfers for enhanced depth cues, allowing you to better gauge distances and read green conditions to greater effect. The golf specific Prizm lens even has separate areas of technical difference which takes into consideration looking into the distance, closer proximity vision at address and even looking down when marking your scorecard. With all of these finer details taken into account, it is easy to understand why all of the top professionals have upgraded their regular Oakley golf sunglasses to the newly released Prizm Lens for 2015.




Oakley Prizm Golf Sunglasses - The Styles

So, now that we know about the Prizm lens, it is time to differentiate between the various frame styles available online at Golfposer. We have three to choose from: RADAR EV PATH - the largest frame of all the options which offers the greatest coverage for peripheral vision; FLAK XL 2.0 - historically the most popular frame style which offers good peripheral coverage; HALF JACKET XL 2.0 - a narrow fitting frame which offers a sleek look. All of the styles online at Golfposer come with interchangeable lenses, whilst our 'Ultimate Golf' packages offer both the Black Iridium and Prizm golf specific lens options for using both on and off the golf course.

All in all, the Oakley Prizm golf sunglasses are exceptional and will certainly improve your game, increasing your confidence and consistency on and around the greens most of all.