Introducing the new style of Druh Belt Buckle which has been worn on tour by the likes of Lee Westwood, Andy Sullivan and Lee Westwood already in 2015!

Druh Belt Buckle - Croc Players Belt


Druh are renowned for their signature DB logo belt buckles but for 2015, the brand have launched a new style with the Players Croc belt. Featuring many miniature DB logos and a spot of colour in the bottom right corner, we love the new look which is certain to stand out on our television screens this season!

New Druh Belt Buckle - On Tour


Some may perceive changing the iconic Druh belt buckle as undue risk for the brand, but we think the fresh forward thinking will increase exposure on tour and also offer their loyal followers something that little bit different this year. As such a highly regarded and reputable brand in the UK and Europe, Druh thrive on their players wearing the latest styles and having the likes of Andy Sullivan and PGA Tour star Robert Streb wearing the new Druh belt buckle is a very clever move.

The new Druh belt buckle only features on the Players croc belts from the 2015 range but you can discover all of the other latest styles from the Druh range right > here <. We have styles including the popular Players square belt and the signature Druh Croc Tour leather golf belt available in a range of colours to shop online.

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