Out style editors take a closer look at the G/FORE MG4 franchise with two key styles now available to shop online from this spikeless footwear family.

G/FORE MG4 Golf Shoes

Whenever G/FORE launch something new, we should all sit up and take notice.

Simply put, they are one of the most fashion forward golf brands in the game - always creating and innovating but staying focused on the ultimate goal of providing comfortable, high performance golf apparel & footwear.

This brand ethos is particularly applicable to the G/FORE MG4 franchise of footwear which continues to produce some of the most popular spikeless golf shoes every season.

G4 MG4+ Golf Shoes 2023 CampaignG4 MG4+ Golf Shoes 2023 Campaign
G4 MG4x2 Golf Shoes White Blue BlackG4 MG4x2 Golf Shoes White Blue Black
G/FORE Golf Shoes 2022 Collection MG4 Gallivanter GDRIVEG/FORE Golf Shoes 2022 Collection MG4 Gallivanter GDRIVE

It all started out with the MG4.1 golf shoe - the first ever truly "spikeless" golf shoe to arrive from G/FORE - which started the MG4 series of footwear silhouettes on a perfect footing (pun intended).

Most notably - it was the rubberised, spikeless outsole which allowed for the G/FORE MG4.1 to be worn both on and off the golf course with the utmost comfort and performance; something that the modern golfer craves in the footwear department.

The brand then built upon the success of their first spikeless model and soon introduced two new & improved variants; the MG4+ and the MG4X².

G/FORE MG4+ - The Spec


The G/FORE MG4+ shoe offers a perfect combination of lightweight comfort and technical performance.

It combines sneaker inspired styling and comfort attributes with high performance elements which are necessary for golfing in all conditions.

In essence, G/FORE took all of the comfort features such as the responsive midsole, comfort insole & spikeless sawtooth traction outsole - and then turned up the volume for the serious golfer.

G/Fore Golf Shoes MG4+ Black CheckG/Fore Golf Shoes MG4+ Black Check

The key difference comes within the premium waterproof upper which provides reliable wet weather protection along with 360 degrees of support.

This couples up with a 3D moulded external heel cup for even greater lateral support, helping to provide that locked down fit & feel through the golf swing.

Lastly, the design of the MG4+ allows for even greater stylistic freedom - hence the reason why there is such a variety in designs available to shop online at Golfposer today.

G/FORE MG4X² - The Spec


The G/FORE MG4X² model is the newest model to arrive and almost brings the franchise back around full circle, for the better.

This style re-introduces a knitted upper - but this time with even more technology to provide the perfect balance of comfort & performance.

It fuses a stain resistant, engineered stretch knit with an internal waterproof membrane; hence providing the peace of mind that never came with the original MG4.1.

G4 MG4X2 Golf Shoes Yellow Background CampaignG4 MG4X2 Golf Shoes Yellow Background Campaign

Another design update includes the unique 360 degree heel cup - thus preventing heel slip & improving comfort levels once more.

Meanwhile there is a newly modified wide base, providing a better and more stable platform for the golf swing.

The G/FORE MG4X² is one of the most progressive spikeless golf footwear styles on the market today - with a variety of designs now available online at Golfposer.