We walk you through the very latest ECCO Tour Hybrid styles from the 2015 collection - now available to purchase online at Golfposer.

ECCO Tour Hybrid Golf Shoes


Back in November we raved about how great it was to finally have some fresh new designs and styles of footwear coming out of ECCO for 2015. That was great, much needed and warmly welcomed but sometimes it's simply unnecessary to change a winning formula. That is exactly the thinking behind the famous brogue-style ECCO Tour Hybrid golf shoes and the latest range from the Danish brand for the new season collection.

Launched two years ago, the Tour Hybrid was the first multi-purpose shoe to feature the high-performance ECCO outsole along with a classic brogue-style upper and the success which this particular style has enjoyed over the seasons is quite remarkable. A typical favourite for many Tour golfers and many more amateurs across the world, the stylish Tour Hybrid provides comfort like no other golf shoe and is now an integral part of every ECCO golf shoe collection.

The technology hasn't changed; the HydroMax treated Yak leather upper is still featured and the E-DTS outsole still provides traction and stability throughout the swing. What has changed, however, are the design and colour options which elevate the Ecco Tour Hybrid to unrivalled new heights. The classic Black and White styles remain at the core but are now complemented by three completely new looks, two of which feature a brushed suede effect and the final 'Walnut' colour way offering an two-tone ombre finish for total sophistication.

ECCO Tour Hybrid - Review

Ask any ECCO Tour Hybrid owner and they will tell you their shoes are quite simply the most comfortable spikeless style which you can find on the market. We wear them to the office, we wear them in the clubhouse and we wear them every week on the course. If you're impressed by their solid reputation and like the new, fashionable look of the ECCO tour hybrid, it would make sense to try something different this New Year. In terms of spikeless golf footwear, you cannot get any better than the ECCO Tour Hybrid for 2015.