We catch up with Dustin Johnson on location at The 150th Open Championship to talk all about St Andrews, adidas, Stan Smith shoes & much more...

DJ @ The Open Championship

GP: Good afternoon DJ, welcome to the adidas "Open House" & welcome to Scotland! First of all, when did you arrive in town and have you had time to get a practice round in yet?

DJ: I have! I got in about 1pm on Sunday, played 17 holes and then 16 holes on Monday. The course is looking really good. Firm and fast. It's in really good condition.

adidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open Championshipadidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open Championship

GP: We’ve heard that St Andrews is your “favourite place to play The Open”. Can you describe what it would mean to win your first Open Championship here at the Home of Golf in its 150th Anniversary year?

DJ: Yeah it would obviously mean a lot. First and foremost...it's the Open Championship, it's a major...and I haven't won one. So it would definitely mean a lot. With it being the 150th and being in St Andrews, I just think it's one of the coolest venues with the history and how it finishes right in the town - it doesn't get any better. So yeah, for me it would mean everything.

adidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open Championship St Andrewsadidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open Championship St Andrews

GP: Last year we had another member of the Three Stripes family winning The Open & you have had many strong finishes yourself, even here at St Andrews…so how would you rate your chances of success this week? Do you feel like your game is in good shape?

DJ: Yeah I think the game is in really good form, I see a lot of good things and I've been playing a little bit better over the last few months. The game is starting to make a turn for good so yeah, I like my chances this week. If I can putt it well then I think that will be the difference.

adidas Open House Blue Light St Andrewsadidas Open House Blue Light St Andrews

GP: Picture it now – you have a five shot lead heading up the last & the grandstands are cheering your every stride towards the 18th green...what’s running through your mind? Are you thinking about anything or anyone in particular?

DJ: I'm thinking "I'm gonna win" if I have a 5 shot lead standing on 18, I know that for sure!

GP: Would that eclipse everything that you've achieved in your career?

DJ: I mean...it's hard to say. Obviously it would be a great moment, but so was walking up 18 at Oakmont and walking up 18 at Augusta. It would definitely be something that would be remembered forever, for me. It can't get any better than that - especially with the five shot lead! I would like that very much - I think I can get it into the house from there!

adidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open Championshipadidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open Championship

GP: We’re here at the spectacular "Open House" that adidas have put together here at St Andrews...have you had a chance to check out your scripted outfits for this week yet? Some neat little prints in there!

DJ: I have, it's a nice selection. I like what they've got picked for me this week, I'm looking forward to it. And yeah, they've got a really cool set up here at the house this week. I don't think we've ever done anything like this but they've done a great job, it looks awesome.

adidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open House Cushionadidas Dustin Johnson Golf Interview The Open House Cushion

GP: We’re going to name drop here…we sat down with Manchester City football manager Pep Guardiola last month and he credited his wife with his top notch sense of style…could the same be said for Dustin Johnson? Does Paulina have any input or is your immaculate fashion sense all down to DJ and DJ only?

DJ: Paulina definitely has kind of..."moulded" my style a little bit, for sure. She's definitely way more fashionable than I am. My sense of style is much better now - but that's all down to Paulina.

adidas Dustin Johnson The Open Championshipadidas Dustin Johnson The Open Championship

GP: Let’s talk about those incredible Stan Smith “Green Jacket” shoes with your face on the badge…would you like to have your own fashion line or footwear line with the brand one day, similar to Stan Smith? We loved those DJ x Gretzky TOUR360 shoes from earlier this year, too!

DJ: Yeah, I think I could make some shoes that people would wear, for sure! I think they would do alright.

GP: We also loved your cameo appearance in that famous video to launch the Stan Smiths…some great acting! Curveball question: if they made a Hollywood film about Dustin Johnson - who would you choose to take the lead role?

DJ: Ha! I'd have Bradley Cooper do it.

Dustin Johnson adidas Stan Smith Signed Pair of ShoesDustin Johnson adidas Stan Smith Signed Pair of Shoes

GP: And finally...tell us about some of the superstitions you have while playing golf – we’ve read about a specific one relating to your ball markers...are there any others like that?

DJ: Um, let me think. I always have two tees and a quarter in my pocket. It's always a quarter in the 60s. That one started in college; just any time I'd find one in the 60s then I'd keep it - just because I like those numbers. Good thoughts, you know? Depending on the day maybe I'll carry a 65, a 67 or 69. I've even got a 71 for when it's a really tough day! Other than that, my clubs have to be in the right spot and just things like that.

Dustin Johnson Superstition Ball Marker 1960sDustin Johnson Superstition Ball Marker 1960s

GP: It's good to hear that you still have that superstition...do you still have plenty of markers? If not, we've got one here for you! Specifically from the year 1966, just for you. In exchange for...a signed pair of Stan Smiths! Sound like a fair deal?

DJ: Oh ok, yeah, perfect! I can do that for you. I'll be using that one this week!

Dustin Johnson Ball Marker The Open ChampionshipDustin Johnson Ball Marker The Open Championship