We chat to European Tour golfer and adidas golf brand ambassador Adrian Otaegui about all things fashion, footwear, adidas Go-To Jackets and the Ryder Cup.

Adrian Otaegui | adidas Golf

GP: Hi Adrian, it’s a pleasure to meet you & thank you for taking the time out to speak with us today. You’ve been wearing adidas on the course for the last four and a half years now - how much do you enjoy being part of team adidas?

AO: Yeah I really enjoy it. I feel really lucky to be able to represent adidas on and off the course. For me, it’s the best brand in sport. It’s just so technical, so comfortable and I think that it’s really good looking as well - in terms of style. For me, adidas means sport but it also means fashion.


GP: Some others in the media have called you “a sponsor’s dream” - I guess it must be a very strong relationship that you have with the brand to stay with them for this many years?

AO: So I turned pro like six or seven years ago and I started with them around four of five years ago, as you say. The relationship is growing in a good way and hopefully for many, many more years. I think they’re happy with me and I’m definitely happy with them - so I think we make a good connection.

Adrian Otaegui | Go-To Adapt

GP: How much do you enjoy being one of the faces of adidas golf with all of the campaign photo shoots and press event days like this?

AO: I like it! I like the show and all of the fun parts of it. On the course and in competition I try to be very focused and in my zone - but I really enjoy the days like this as well. We can relax, we have fun and get to do things like the sky dive this morning.

GP: I was going to ask you about the sky dive, you looked like a professional! How did you find it?

AO: I loved it! I knew I was going to like it because I like adrenaline sports - even though I was a little bit worried about getting injured at this stage of the season. I tried it for the first time and I thought “this is fine, I can do this” - so it was fun to be a part of the presentation for the Go-To jacket earlier on.


GP: And what do you make of the new Go-To jacket that has been launched today? We saw you wearing it at Made in Denmark earlier this month too…

AO: Yeah, obviously it has been a hot summer so I didn’t need to use it a lot in the Summer months - but as soon as we come to Europe in the Autumn…as you say I was wearing it in Denmark every single morning because it was quite chilly. Normally, I get quite hot when I’m playing on the course - but I love it for wearing in the mornings to warm up especially. It’s just great in the way that it moves and the way it stretches; in terms of technical performance I don’t know anything better. It’s just so hot, so light and I love the way these cuffs are designed too.

Adrian Otaegui| adicross

GP: What’s your sense of style like off the golf course? Do you have a keen interest in fashion and looking good everywhere you go?

AO: For me, it depends. It depends on what moment of the day or what part of the day it is. I’m normally quite relaxed - something like a tee shirt and jeans with my adidas sneakers - generally quite relaxed. If I’m going for dinner then I would wear a nice shirt and some nice trousers but still quite relaxed - no suit and tie! That’s another thing that I like about adidas - how it’s so versatile and you can wear it 24 hours a day. The range is so big that you can use your imagination a little bit day-to-day.


GP: Have you had the chance to try out any of the new adicross collection by adidas?

AO: Yeah! I normally wear adicross during my practice days at home - I find it very, very comfortable and relaxed. I know when I’m in Dubai in the winter time, for example, then I can wear it for a practice round there too. Once, I was travelling on a flight in the morning and then had to practice in the afternoon - I didn’t even get changed! I flew in the same outfit that I wore practicing at the course later that day. I love it.

Adrian Otaegui | Footwear

GP: And when it comes to footwear, can you possibly pick a favourite shoe style that adidas have produced over the years?

AO: I think that the 360 has always been good for the last two or three years, it hasn’t changed much but it doesn't need to - it's that good already. That’s still my favourite shoe. You might remember the "adizero" shoes in yellow a few years ago - they were very light - but my favourite shoe to play golf in is definitely the Tour360 leather.


GP: Do you have any style traditions or superstitions on the golf course? Perhaps something like your nickname “el pirata” sewn into every garment you own?!

AO: Haha, no not really! I do have “el pirata” on the back of my cap but nowhere else. I don’t have any superstitions really. I like wearing plain shirts - not too many stripes or other designs.

Adrian Otaegui | Ryder Cup

GP: And finally…who will win the Ryder Cup this year?

AO: It’s going to be really tough for Europe - the American team is very strong this year. I really hope that the Europeans can kick their asses, but it will be tough for sure. It’s going to be a good test of golf. I think that the way that the golf course is going to be set up is going to be good for Team Europe; the par fives will be reachable but the par fours are going to be tough. I think that we are generally better at the long iron shots and they are better with the wedges close to the greens; which I think Thomas Bjørn knows all about and will have the course set up accordingly. I know it’s going to be a good show; it will be a spectacle for sure.

GP: Thanks again for your time today Adrian, enjoy the rest of the day!


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Our sincere thanks to Adrian Otaegui for taking the time out to speak to us in London & also to the teams at adidas Golf and Rocketyard Sports Management for their hospitality throughout the day.