Oakley Prizm - Ultimate Golfer Package

Discover Oakley Prizm golf sunglasses at Golfposer with our Ultimate golfer packages.

Oakley Prizm - Golf Specific Lens


The Oakley PRIZM golf specific lens is like nothing any golfer has ever experienced before. Offering total clarity in vision to allow for accurate distance judgement and further enhanced depth perception for improved reading on and around the greens, the Oakley PRIZM is worn by multiple top golfers and has been specifically catered for optimal vision on the golf course.

The Oakley PRIZM lens has been many years in development and is the flagship product of the latest Oakley sunglasses range, having originally been developed for the US Military. Many other benefits come with Oakley lenses, including a high impact resistance and the ability to interchange with ease. Read more about how the Oakley PRIZM lens works with the all the technical information you need to know here.

Oakley Prizm - Ultimate Package

As mentioned, all Oakley sunglasses available online at Golfposer offer the ability to interchange the lens. As a result, we have put together a selection of ultimate golfer packages featuring the Oakley PRIZM lens along with the more casual lens-type, black iridium. This latter option is perfect for wearing off the golf course having been designed to balance light transmission and reduce glare and is one of the most popular lens options across the entire Oakley range. The black finish looks cool and stylish to wear with any pair of Oakley sunglasses, whilst another option named the Jade Iridium lens is available with the Radar Path package and looks stunning in green.

Oakley golf sunglasses are worn by many professionals on the PGA Tour and certainly live up to their billing as the "best in the business". You can now find the golf specific PRIZM lens with the Ultimate Golfer packages as put together by the team at Golfposer available to shop online here.

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