Nike Infrared Air Max 90 Golf Shoes | New Style 2021

One of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes is coming to the golf course in 2021 - the Nike Infrared Air Max 90 golf shoes.

Nike Infrared Air Max Golf Shoes | 2021

The Air Max 90 G is the hottest Nike Golf shoe of the year so far and it's now ready to drop in a special NRG colour option later this month - based on one of the most iconic styles of all time.


The Nike Air Max 90 G "Infrared" is about as close to the original aesthetics as you can get. Every element has been considered from the layered colours of the mudguards to the branded text on the Infrared callouts. Even the upper material has been especially designed to look like mesh, without actually being mesh.


That's one of the key differences which transforms the Air Max 90 sneaker into the Air Max 90 golf shoe. The upper is waterproof for reliable weather protection, while also proving easy to clean for your convenience.

The next "G" element comes in the form of the traction pattern on the sole - newly designed to provide grip when you need it most. It's also made from a durable rubber with a soft feel - making them ideal for wearing both on and off the golf course.


It's another impressive execution of an iconic sneaker by the team at Nike Golf. They've tried some other iterations "inspired" by the Infrared AM90G in the past, but this one is simply outstanding. They've even managed to add the signature heel bubble from the Air Max 90 this time around; there really isn't much more they could have done.

Nike Infrared Air Max Golf Shoes | Drop Date

The Nike Infrared Air Max 90 golf shoes will drop online at Golfposer at 08:00 GMT on Thursday 14th January 2021. Click through the link above and be sure to bookmark the page ahead of the drop, while three other in-line colours of the Nike Air Max 90 G will also be arriving online at Golfposer this season.

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