Nike Infinity Tour Golf Shoes | Brooks Koepka Collaboration

We're excited to introduce the Nike Infinity Tour - a next generation golf shoe which has been designed in collaboration with Nike Golf athlete, Brooks Koepka.

Nike Infinity Tour | Golfposer Release

The "most innovative" golf shoe ever produced by Nike. That's quite a statement, but one which is very much justified when you delve a little deeper into the Nike Infinity Tour golf shoe which is due to be released online at Golfposer this Summer.

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour features a multitude of different technologies - some of which are completely new innovations while others which have a proven track record already.

There's a lightweight Flyknit upper which has been finished with a thin, flexible TPU weatherproof coating - an impressive combination which will provide an locked down fit with exceptional performance in all conditions.

There's a heel counter for stability. There's additional cushioning inside the collar of the ankle. There's also a completely new outsole comprised of three piston spikes to provide maximum traction without the risk of slippage - developed through complex data analysis of Brooks Koepka's pressure maps.


There's a full length Zoom Air unit which has been stitched into the upper - a first in the world of golf footwear. There's also another three Zoom Air units which are visible through the translucent outsole - developed to harvest and redistribute some of the energy which is normally lost through the golf swing.

There's also React cushioning through the midsole, an ultra responsive foam which will already be known to many. The official product description even details an "8mm offset" - a technical term relating to the difference between the cushioning from back to front. That won't mean much to the average golfer; but we believe it signifies a significant scaling up when it comes to the attention to detail like never before.


Put simply, Nike Golf have seriously upped their game when it comes to the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour. They trust Brooks Koepka and he trusts them; a partnership from which only greatness can result from.

Nike Infinity Tour | Brooks Koepka

For this particular project, Nike Golf summoned Brooks Koepka along very early in the design process. Put simply, he is the ultimate all round golfer at this moment; a power player with tremendous length off the tee but also with a deftness of touch around the greens which most others can only dream of.


Skills like that only come with practice and so, to ensure that they weren't solely focusing on the 18 holes of a major championship, Nike Golf instead took more of an interest in how Brooks Koepka practices - and what footwear he wears to do so.

Up until now, he's often made a habit of chipping and putting in a pair of Nike running shoes - presumably helping to provide much more of a natural feel and close contact with the ground than you might normally receive from a pair of traditional golf shoes.


Brooks was asked what he would like - and he requested for a Nike running shoe which he could play golf in. Comfortable enough to replace his footwear during practice, but functional enough to take the strain of 18 major championship holes. Brooks Koepka has been known to swing the club at around 128 mph - so stability and power from the ground up was always going to be of key importance, too. Challenge, accepted.

All golfers, you and I included, walk around four miles on a golf course every time we play a full round. That means that our footwear is of the utmost importance to our game - just as much as it is to Brooks Koepka.


“Golfers look at their clubs and golf balls as pieces of equipment, but never really their footwear,” says Matt Plumb, Nike Golf Product Line Manager. "Brooks was instrumental in the Air Zoom Infinity Tour iterative process, helping us get to the point where we can now help golfers look at their footwear as part of their equipment on the course."

Nike Golf worked with external researchers to create a golf-specific mechanical test that benchmarks the cushioning platform for the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour.


The designers also received some real-time validation from Koepka himself; his driver swing speed was measured to be faster in the Air Zoom Infinity Tour than it was in the acclaimed Nike Tour Premiere shoe - the very style which he wore when he won three major championships.

That's formidable.

Nike Infinity Tour | Buy Online

We can now confirm that three initial colours will drop online at Golfposer in the month of June - while two more colour options (pink blast & baseball blue) will follow on July 21st 2020. You should also keep an eye out for some extra special NRG drops landing online at Golfposer throughout the year.

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