Nike Infinity Tour Golf Shoes | Brooks Koepka Collaboration

We're excited to introduce the Nike Infinity Tour - a next generation golf shoe which has been designed in collaboration with Nike Golf athlete, Brooks Koepka.

Nike Infinity Tour | Brooks Koepka

The "most innovative" golf shoe ever produced by Nike. That's quite a statement, but one which is very much justified when you delve a little deeper into the Nike Infinity Tour golf shoe which has just been revealed by the brand.

The news dropped on the same day that saw Brooks Koepka's beginning his 2020 season at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship Rolex Series event on the European Tour, naturally wearing the Nike Infinity Tour on his way to an impressive opening round 66.


For this particular project, Nike Golf summoned Brooks Koepka along very early in the design process. Put simply, he is the ultimate all round golfer at this moment; a power player with tremendous length off the tee but also with a deftness of touch around the greens which most others can only dream of.

Skills like that only come with practice and so, to ensure that they weren't solely focusing on the 18 holes of a major championship, Nike Golf instead took more of an interest in how Brooks Koepka practices - and what footwear he wears to do so.

Up until now, he's often made a habit of chipping and putting in a pair of Nike running shoes - presumably helping to provide much more of a natural feel and close contact with the ground than you might normally receive from a pair of traditional golf shoes.


Brooks was asked what he would like - and he requested for a Nike running shoe which he could play golf in. Comfortable enough to practice in but functional enough to take the strain of 18 major championship holes. Brooks Koepka has been known to swing the club at around 128 mph - so stability and power from the ground up was always going to be of key importance, too. Challenge, accepted.

All golfers, you and I included, walk around four miles on a golf course every time we play a round. That means that our footwear is of the utmost importance to our game - just as much as it is to Brooks Koepka.


“Golfers look at their clubs and golf balls as pieces of equipment, but never really their footwear,” says Matt Plumb, Nike Golf Product Line Manager. "Brooks was instrumental in the Air Zoom Infinity Tour iterative process, helping us get to the point where we can now help golfers look at their footwear as part of their equipment on the course."

Nike Golf worked with external researchers to create a golf-specific mechanical test that benchmarks the cushioning platform for the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour.

The designers also received some real-time validation from Koepka himself; his driver swing speed was measured to be faster in the Air Zoom Infinity Tour than it was in the Nike Tour Premiere model - the very style which he wore when he won three major championships.

That's formidable.

Nike Infinity Tour | Air Zoom Cushioning

Official Nike Press Release

The source of a golfer’s kinetic energy comes from the feet, and every time a golfer swings, they lose some of that energy. This is where Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour steps in, re-harvesting and redistributing some of that lost energy.

Analyzing data from pressure maps, the Nike Golf design team looked at where traction elements need to be positioned on the shoe for an ultimate return on movement. Developing a holistic system that transfers more power up the kinetic chain, they obsessed over the areas of fit (to reduce in-shoe movement), ride (for maximum energy retention) and traction (for zero slip in any direction).


To get Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour’s areas of fit just right, Nike Golf worked across all Nike categories to source particular elements that helped create the company’s most innovative golf shoe to date. As a result, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour:

  1. Leverages Nike Zoom Stroble technology and moderator plate, first tested on court by Kevin Durant in Nike Basketball’s KD12, to provide the structure, comfort and enable energy return needed on the golf course.
  2. Features weather-resistant Nike Flyknit, first tested on the pitch and introduced by Nike Soccer's Mercurial Superfly and Vapor 360 Boots
  3. Borrows design elements and Nike REACT foam from Nike Running’s Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit for game-changing cushioning and energy return on the golf course

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Stay tuned to for news of the Nike Infinity Tour golf shoes dropping online in the month of April 2020.

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